If you are like the vast majority of people, what is the first thing you check when you get out of bed in the morning? Probably your phone, we all seem to be attached to them constantly. You may have messages from your family, friends, and businesses alike that you like to wade through while you drink your morning coffee. It’s like the morning paper used to be, except that it’s connecting with other people and businesses instead of reading a newspaper that isn’t interactive.

Here are the main advantages of SMS marketing.

High Open Rate

The open rate for a text message is well over 90 percent. This means that if you have an audience who has opted in to receive your SMS marketing messages, then you better start sending some. It’s really a no-brainer.

High Conversion Rate

In addition to the high open rate, the conversion rate is significant too at over 30 percent. This is very high and can be attributed to the fact that they’ve opted in, your message is written clearly, and they know what to do. The key here is that you want your audience to opt in to get the text messages first.

High Response Rate

When someone gets a text message, they’re not usually going to ignore it. They will open it (98 percent get opened eventually) and read it. Since it’s so short it is read without thinking, and then the response rate carries over. The reason is that it’s so easy.

You Can Send Links

Not only can you send links, you should always send a link. The link is going to help them find your offer, take your offer, and use your coupons. Hint: Ensure your landing page and the shopping cart is optimized for mobile.

You Can Track It

The stats you can collect due to SMS marketing are amazing. This enables you to improve your messaging, know what time to send them, and what types of things get your audience to respond. You can use this information to improve all aspects of your marketing messaging.

The Delivery Is Fast

It seems crazy to think of it, but once you click “send”, most of your audience has immediately received the message. That’s super-exciting – within 3 minutes over 90 percent of your audience will have already seen your text.

It’s Personal

If you word the messages right, they feel very personal to the receiver. Use words like “you” and “I” even though your English teacher told you not to. In marketing messages, these are great words to use that make people feel closer and more trusting of you.

When you decide to embark on an SMS marketing campaign, know that coupon codes work great for your audience and are often forwarded and shared even if the original recipient doesn’t use them. Keep that in mind as you plan your SMS marketing campaign.

Advantages of SMS Marketing
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