When you’re trying to build an audience, you want to ensure that you’re building the right audience. That means you need a crystal-clear message that resonates with just the right people. That can take time to develop but when it’s done right, it really works and more importantly, it’s lasting.

1. Determine Your Ideal Customer

Before you even try to create a brand message, you need to know who your ideal customer is. That’s always first. When you know exactly who you’re speaking to, you’ll be able to explain your brand to them more easily.

2. Segment Your Audience and Customers

As you start building your audience, it’s important to segment them appropriately so that you can ensure that the right messages go to them at the right time.

3. Define Your Mission

Your audience is important but so is your mission. Don’t make your mission fit in with your audience, but phrase it in a way that your audience understands and resonates with it.

4. Understand Your Audience

As you get to know your audience, seek to understand them more because the more insight you can get from them, the better. Use groups, forums, surveys, and as much engagement as possible to help get to know them.

5. Craft Messages for Your Audience

Each time you create any message, it’s important to double check your mission statement and your audience qualities to ensure that there is a match and that they understand. Remember that you don’t just have one audience member, so change up the messaging based on where they are in their buying cycle and your product funnel.

6. Determine How You’ll Disseminate Your Message

There are many ways to get the message to your audience: via social media, email list, webinars, eBooks, eReports and more. For example, you may want to involve influencers to help you.

7. Tell Your Brand Story Via Content

Everything you add to your messages – the text, fonts, colors, and the choice of words – plays into ensuring that your brand message is getting through to your audience. Use many different forms of content to tell your story.

8. Keep Your Message Consistent

You have a lot of different places to put your message: your website, social media networks, webinars, images, in person and so forth. It must be consistent no matter where you see it. Your audience should know that’s from you before they even finish consuming it.

9. Match Your Branding to Your Audience and Message

Branding has a lot to do with you but it also has something to do with your audience, and it needs to match the main message you want to impart to your audience. For example, if you like pink and your audience is female, you may want to check because they might not really like pink. Don’t make assumptions.

10. Develop Your Funnels

The more you develop your funnels, the more you’ll be able to see where you’re missing the mark. Match the content you create to the areas of each funnel that needs content and information.

Ensuring your brand message is getting through to your audience takes some ability to look at research and make an educated guess. But, it also takes a deep understanding of your audience to get it right. Survey them, ask them, create and repeat.

Ten Ways to Make Sure Your Brand Message Is Getting Through to Your Audience
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