At first, building an email list is the long game. You can use good SEO, great website content, and more to get visitors to your site and eventually people will slowly sign up for your newsletter. But, you can push it along if you know what to do.

Host a Contest

One really good way to get some buzz that can create a boost of sign-ups for your email list is to host a contest. To be the most effective, the contest should be related to your niche and something only your ideal audience will want to participate in, and cause them to mention the name of your business in some way.

Speak At or Host Webinars

People love live webinars, and replays of webinars. You can do both to help build your list. Create a topic and you can even ask others to do it with you, and all of you can market the event which will grow your list.

Run Social Media Ads

With social media ads, especially on Facebook, you can laser target your audience so that you can be sure to attract the right people to your list. Link the advertisement to a freebie download which will get them on your list.

Create an Amazing Freebie

When you create your freebie, you want it to be representative of your products and services. It should also be targeted to your audience in such a way that no one outside of your audience would even want it.

Get Involved in Public Speaking

It might seem weird to go speak in public to build your email list, but if you give people a way to sign up, such as a handout with a QR code with a free gift, you’ll get many people signing up for your list during and after your talk.

Go To and Host Live Events

If you’re a host of a live event, you’ll get a lot of sign-ups when people sign up for the event. If you go to live events, you can meet a lot of people who will want to be on your list too.

Find Lucrative Joint Ventures

If you can get involved with people who are successful marketing to your same audience but who sell complementary products and services, get together and do an event, a blog tour, or a webinar together. You’ll both end up with access to each other’s lists.

Create Better Bios

On social media, on your website, and anyplace your bio appears, write bios that are targeted toward your exact audience that you want to sign up for your email list. Tell them to sign up to learn more and keep in touch.

Define Your USP

One thing that can help you when you are writing sales pages, bios, and more is to learn what your unique selling proposition (USP) is. Knowing your USP will make your offerings, your business, and your products or services so much better.

Put Your Sign-Up in Multiple Places

Most people aren’t going to hunt around for a place to put their email address when they visit your website or social media sites. So, you’ll need to point them to it, and create more than one so they can’t miss it.

Building a responsive email list fast won’t be overnight. But, you can make a concerted effort to really push the email list via these methods and build a good list within about 30 to 60 days if you have everything set up correctly.

Ten Ways to Build Your Email List Fast
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