Segmenting your email marketing is not difficult with today’s technology. You can do basic demographic segmentation simply, but you can also do more difficult behavioral segmentation much more easily now due to all the improvements in email autoresponder technology over the years.

There are many more reasons than ten why you should use segmentation in your email marketing, but these are good enough to make you realize you need to make the most of it.

1. They’re Not All the Same

Your audience consists of people who fit into your ideal audience avatar, but even within that there are differences. Those differences can be based on many things, from their demographics to their behavior. When you treat everyone as individuals, you’ll get a lot more respect and conversions.

2. You’ll Collect Data That Fits Your Objectives

When you’re giving away any type of freebie, it’s important to determine what type of data you want to collect. You’re not stuck with only email addresses. If you need to collect more information, try collecting first the email, then on a new page collect something else.

3. It Helps You Create the Right Timing

One of the most important aspects of email marketing is the timing for your messages. By segmenting your market, you can determine when each segment is most likely to open emails and send them at the right time.

4. You Can Send the Right Message

Along with sending messages at the right time, you want to send the right message. The more information you have about your audience members and customers, the better you can craft the messages.

5. You Can Send Relevant Information to Subscribers

You can use the information you collect to ensure every message has a point and is relevant to the recipients.

6. You’ll Make More Money

When you get your segmentation right, you can end up making more money because your calls to action will be listened to and noticed. That’s because your audience feels better taken care of.

7. Improves Customer Satisfaction

If you design messages based off where your customers are in your segmentation, they will feel heard. They tend to respond better to calls to action and they feel understood.

8. Increases Open Rates

Crafting the message right and making the subject line compelling, along with a targeted message, all help to increase open rates. When your audience knows that what you send to them is refreshing and targeted, they’re also going to be more likely to open it. They get trained on what to expect from those first few emails.

9. Boosts Conversion Rate

Want your list members to follow your calls to action? Then you’ll need to send the right message at the right time to the right person. Segmentation enables you to do that.

10. Builds Better Relationships

When you use segmentation properly, your audience overall will feel as if you know them better than they know themselves. Due to this, you’ll build strong, trusting relationships with them.

Segmenting in your email marketing is imperative for continued success in business. Email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of marketing to ever exist. But to be successful, you must stay on the cutting edge of technology to keep your list growing and to keep it full of active, engaged, and responsive members.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Use Segmentation in Your Email Marketing
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