When you’re new to digital marketing, you’re often overwhelmed with so much information that you can’t think straight. It probably feels really confusing because one guru says one thing and another guru says another. But, the first thing you need to know is that what has worked for years, still often keeps working today. Just because there are new tools, such as the Internet, it doesn’t change the foundation of marketing. Marketing is always about building relationships.

You Don’t Need to Be Everywhere

When you first start, it can be tempting to get involved in every single social media platform that exists. But the truth is, you only need to be where most of your audience is to get attention from them. Take some time to study where your audience likes to hang out and pick the platform where they are most.

Email Marketing Still Works

No matter who tells you that you don’t need to build a list, they’re wrong. You still need to take the time to build an email list. The reason is that you own that list and it can go with you when platforms go away. No matter what it seems like today, even Facebook will not be the same forever.

Tools change but information doesn’t. Keep a list of your customers, keep a list of your interested audience, and get as much information as possible to include email addresses, names and if possible addresses. You can collect this information in stages.

Don’t Drive by Post in Groups or Anyplace

It’s a common tactic: “Go ask a question in groups.” But, the problem is that while asking a question is a great way to get answers and even attention, most people do it wrong. When you join any type of group or forum, you need to follow the rules the organizer created, introduce yourself politely, and take the time to build relationships. Ask real questions that you come back to and converse with people. Don’t just make it one-way communication.

Work Toward Building Relationships

The more you can build relationships so that people feel as if they know who you are, trust who they believe you to be, and like you too, the better off you’ll be in your business. When you have fans that really love you and what you represent, they’ll talk about you to others – letting them know that you are the real deal. These people will buy from you repeatedly and you’ll build a solid business this way.

Craft Profiles with Branding That Matches

When you do join a social network to help market your business, it’s important that you build your profiles so that they match your business branding. You want to fit in with the platform, but you want there to be no mistake about who owns the profile.

Your customers should be able to point to you immediately. It should represent your brand, have the same voice you always have, and truly make the most of the social platform in terms of links to your website and search engine optimization.

Focus on Your Audience of One

You often hear about having a niche such as social media marketing, but did you know that if you narrow your audience down to one ideal client it will help you with your marketing? Create an audience persona that you can look at each time you create an email, a blog post, advertising, or even products and services. Focusing on one person helps keep everything you do laser focused.

Build Your List

Outside of getting traffic to your website, your other job is to keep building your email list. Build a list of customers for certain products or services and build a list of potential customers too. Just like having a particular audience persona helps create everything, so does segmenting your audience further in your list so that the information you create for them is laser focused.

Yes, You Do Have to Follow Laws and Rules

There are a lot of laws about digital marketing that you need to stay on top of. Don’t try to get around them, because you could get shut down. The thing is, most of the laws are actually helpful for you to ensure that you’re reaching your target audience in a way that makes the most of the information you want to share with them.

For example, ensuring that people double opt-in to your email lists doesn’t just protect you from the law, it also ensures that the person on your list wants to be there. Making it easy for them to unsubscribe does the same thing. You want people who want to be on your list on your list – no one else.

Be Yourself

Don’t try to put on a persona that is not real. No one is really private online. People will find out if you’re pretending. Plus, why would you want to do that? Instead, the more honest and open you are, the better. People like other people who are authentic. People trust authentic people. Even if you’re not perfect (and no one is), it’s going to all be okay. It’s okay if you’re not rich; it’s okay if you’re not skinny; it’s okay if you’re just human. Other humans will love you.

Understand Your Buyers’ Journey

Each buyer of any product has a journey they go through. It basically goes like this: Awareness, Consideration, Decision. There are of course different levels and more in-depth analysis that you can do but if you know where a lead is within their journey, you’ll know what content to deliver to them to help them come closer to a decision. If they’ve decided, you can also ensure that they never have buyer’s remorse.

Marketing is important, but it isn’t tricky. It’s all about building relationships so that your audience learns to know, like, and trust you. To build more relationships, you reach more people. To reach more people, you will want to use the social media, SEO, great content and other methods that put you right in front of your audience so that they sign up for your email list and become part of your community.

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