We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you eat”. Well, in sales the rule is “you are how you act.” What this means is that your potential customer is judging you, your company and your products or services each and every time you open your mouth or, more importantly, fail to close it. If you want to be a closer and make the sale, then you have to act like a closer who regularly seals the deal. It’s really that simple.

In this regard, one of the first things to remember is that being on time is of extreme importance. If you schedule an appointment for a specific time, then make certain you are at that appointment at least ten minutes before it is scheduled to begin. No one likes to be kept waiting, least of all you potential customer. Also, nothing says “I could care less about you and your business” more strongly than showing up for an appointment late. Closers are prompt.

In addition, once you are at the appointment make sure that you approach the client in a professional manner. A smile, direct eye contact and a firm handshake, along with your appearance, go a long way towards establishing confidence in you and your product or service in the eyes of your potential customer. No one wants to trust someone who is shifty eyed and has a limp handshake. Don’t be that guy. Use the first few seconds with your client wisely and establish that bridge of trust quickly.

Another important point to keep in mind is that the sales call you are on is not about you. Your potential client is the star of the show. It is their business that is important to your livelihood. Therefore, focus your attention in then from the very beginning. An inflated ego has no place in the world of top notch closers.

Given this, also remember to listen first and talk later. Don’t let your ego take control of the sales call. Your potential customer is there, meeting with you, because they have a problem they need solved or a need that requires attention. Your job, your only job, is to quickly and clearly determine the nature of the problem or need and find the best solution for the client. The only way you can accomplish this job is by using your ears and not your mouth. If you let your client take center stage, and if you listen to what they say, you will soon find yourself closing the sale.

Stop, Look and Listen – The Cardinal Rules of Sales
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