You have probably experienced this yourself, you sign up to get email marketing messages from a particular website and almost immediately you feel as if you’ve made a mistake. In fact, you end up feeling like all the messages you receive are little more than spam. Most of the emails received remain unopened and unread and eventually you get so fed up you unsubscribe or worst still mark them as spam. If you’re interested in email marketing here are a few tips on how to stop this happening to your messages.

Know Your Audience

You can never know too much about your audience; you should know as much about them as you can possibly know. Use surveys, study specific demographics, speak to customers, prospects and get to know them as fully as you can. This enables you to develop better messages that actually mean something to your audience and are therefore valued and wanted.

Segment Your Audience

It helps if you niche down your audience into different segments, this assists you with writing much more targeted messages that mean more to each audience member. You can segment by behaviour, demographics, previous products bought, problems, goals, etc). The more niched down your segments are, the easier it will be for you to write each message.

Ask the Audience What They Need

Use your email list to ask your audience directly what they need from you to make them open your emails. When you give them input on everything, they’ll feel more connected and engaged with you.

Watch Them on Social Media

Observe and monitor the interactions your audience takes on social media. Watch their conversations, notice their questions, and try to give them what they need based on your observations. Any single question can turn into a blog post, an email message and even an information product.

Engage with Them in Forums

Message boards and forums are still alive; I know I’m active in one in particular… they are a great place to get ideas about email messages. You’ll see what they want based on their discussions, and then you can deliver that through your email messages.

Personalize Each Message

The software that you use to send out autoresponder messages comes with personalization features. If you get your audience to fill out their information and provide names as well as email addresses, then use it. Studies show that personalization gets more conversions, however this isn’t guaranteed as audiences are aware of such tactics.

Use Your Name for the Return Address

This is another way to get more personal. Instead of a business name or a cute name as the return address, use your own personal name. It will make the audience feel more connected and trusting of you.

Use Personal Language

When you craft each message, use personal language such as the word “you” and their name whenever you can. Instead of being stuffy, try to be understanding, approachable and personal. Always insert plenty of personal pronouns inside each email message.

In addition, ensure that subject lines are also personalized and reflect the information contained within the message. The more personal and targeted each message is, the more conversions will occur. Email marketing messages are important to help guide your audience to make smart purchases for themselves. Don’t be shy about sharing the benefits and the awesomeness of your products and services, just do it smartly and not in a spam like manner.

Steps to Creating More Targeted Email Messages
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