Knowing exactly who your audience is, is perhaps the most important piece of information you can ever have from a marketing and business perspective. Knowing your audience is more about knowing what an individual user demographic profile is like, it’s much more in-depth. What is your audience doing on a Tuesday evening? What do they worry about? What are their dreams and goals?

Research Current Customers

If you have customers already, look at the data that you collect in analytics from social media, your shopping cart, your website visitors, and any other data you can look at. If you do not have customers, try to use your competition’s information, surveys, and other information you can search for and gather.

Look for Trends

When you see the data, it’s important to look for trends. Do you notice a pattern? Are most of your audience members men or women? What age range are they on average? How much money do they earn? What do they do in their free time? How do they use technology? How do they use your products or services?

Draw a Picture

Once you have the data organized and have realized there are trends, use the most prominent trend to draw a picture of your audience persona. You can also cut out pictures from magazines to represent your ideal audience member. This not only makes it fun, it also make it memorable so that you will never forget these trends.

Name Them

Once you’ve drawn the picture, go so far as to give them names that you expect your audience members to use. This will help you think of that person in your mind as you create, organize, and plan the content that you’ll share with your users.

Know Their Goals

Know what goals your audience members have. Some will have different goals. Pick the most common goals, three or four goals and ambitions should do, so that you know where your audience wants to go.

Understand Their Fears

Everyone has worries and even fears; try to identify your audience’s fears and worries. Is it being fat? Being sick? Being made redundant? Not living a full life? Are they afraid of not having enough money or time in the day to do right by their children? When you can name the fear, you can name the product they need to alleviate the fear.

Identify Their Pain Points

Fears and worries often go hand in hand with pain points. Is your audience too hungry, too busy, too sick, or too tired to do what they need to do fix their problems? How can you help?

Take It Further

Try to dig a little bit further into your audience’s personality so that you can direct the content you create, your marketing, products, services and more right to them. They’ll think you can read their mind if you learn to do this effectively.

Once you create an effective and in-depth audience persona, you can use that to help you create the best content possible, it’ll sing to your audience and answer their questions. You can even give copies of your audience personas to suppliers to use to help them with any of the services you outsource such as website design, content writing, product creation, etc.

Steps to Create Audience Personas That Get Results
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