When you decide to use key influencers to help you market your product to a wider audience, you need to be ready. Even an influencer with a smaller audience can increase sales exponentially if you choose the right person. A lot goes into ensuring that you’ve picked the right person but if you do that work first, you won’t be disappointed.

Follow Every Expert You Can Find

First, use keywords to find and locate every expert you can think of and then follow them. Follow them on all their social media and sign up for their newsletters. Engage with them so that you can learn more about them over time.

Ensure They’re Relevant

When you’re engaging with them and looking at their content, study their audience too. Who are they? Are they a match for your audience? Will their audience want what you offer? Will the influencer like your product? Do they need it? You must make sure their audience is relevant to your product and service – otherwise even if the influencer likes your product, it won’t matter, because their audience won’t buy it.

Confirm That They Engage with Their Audience

Once you realize they’re relevant, check to find out if they engage with their audience. Do they talk directly to people? Do they answer comments and questions in a timely manner? Does their audience like and respect them? Are they able to be professional?

Determine If They’re Consistent

View their archived content and their newest content. Are they consistent in their views and if not, do they state why they changed their mind? What do they do if there is a problem? How do they react? Is their channel consistently growing? Is their branding reliable too? Do they have a specific point of view that stands out?

Look at Their Sponsored Content versus Unsponsored Content

You want to choose key influencers who don’t take tons of sponsored content. That might sound strange, but the audience will be less receptive if the influencer only does sponsored content. There should be a good mix, but less sponsored content than regular content is best. The reason is that their audience can become blind to sponsored content if it is too much, and your brand won’t stand out.

Study Followers versus Views

It can be tempting to toss out everyone who has fewer followers. But, that would be a big mistake. The truth is, in most cases you’ll get more return on investment with an influencer who has fewer followers and views rather than tons of them. That’s because, of course, it gets more expensive to pay for sponsored content the more followers they have.

Don’t discount influencers who are niche experts but have fewer followers and views. But, also look at views versus followers. If they have a lot of followers but fewer views, why? If it’s vice versa, why?

Check the Frequency of Their Posting

The more frequently they post, the better. Studies show that posting more often at different times of day and sharing more often and promoting is essential to success. Is the key influencer doing the things needed to be successful?

Do They Share and Engage with Their Content?

Also, look at how they handle their own content. Do they share it and cross-promote it? Do they engage with their followers? Are they happy about what they’re doing? Does it seem like other people share and engage with them too? This is a good indicator that they’ll do the same with your content.

Identifying the key influencers that you want to help promote your brand, share your content, and influence buyers on your behalf, is a big step to take. You’ll have to let go of a little bit of the control over the content that they create for your brand. But it will be profitable for you both in the end if you plan everything out right, because you’ll get your message to the right audience that will convert.

Steps for Identifying Key Influencers
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