Building stronger online relationships is something that every marketer wants to do. One of the ways to accomplish that is by building a niche group.

Today there are so many ways to build a niche group that you can do it easily. It can happen on Facebook, through independent software like, or by building from scratch. But, regardless of how you do it, there are some best practices for starting and running a niche group with the goal to build stronger online relationships.

It Takes Time

One thing to remember about building relationships is that they don’t happen by the group; they happen one-on-one even if they start within a group. So, remember that relationship building takes time and effort.

Engage Often

Don’t send in your VA or a volunteer to do all the work and expect anyone to understand who you are and start trusting you. If you want to build relationships using groups, you’re going to need to be in the group engaging with people one-on-one by posting, commenting, and participating in your own group.

Be Authentic and Transparent

When you want people to like you and want to build a relationship with you, you’ll need to know how to be who you are without being false. You’ll need to be real, or else people will not believe you. Talk about yourself, share your stories, and relate it to why you do what you do.

Share Your Life

This is a little trickier because other people are involved in your life, so you need to ensure that your friends and family don’t mind your sharing first. But the more you can share of your life to your group, the more they’re going to feel as if they know you and trust you.

Be Tolerant

When you’re in the public eye, it’s imperative that you are tolerant of others who are different from you. After all, you want them to accept you as you are too, so it only helps if you also accept them how they are.

Hate Is Not a Relationship-Building Dynamic

When people talk about tolerance, the thing you don’t have to tolerate is hate. So, when others are being judgmental, hateful, and mean, you don’t have to allow that in your group for the sake of “tolerance”. As a group leader, it’s your job to protect your members from bullies.

Reach Out One-On-One

When you’re speaking in your group, whether by live video or text, call out people one-on-one to answer questions or to ask a question. When you are really open to people one-on-one in front of others, they start to trust you more.

Have Fun Competitions

A good way to build up your group is to have fun and friendly competitions in the group. Cheer on the winners, encourage those who fall behind, and make it fun and friendly.

Building groups to build relationships is a great way to grow your business, develop your online brand, and make connections with people who can help you and whom you can help too. After all, a relationship is two ways. It’s give and take, and if you make sure you’re giving more than you’re taking, everyone will be happy.

Start a Niche Group to Build Stronger Online Relationships
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