There are a number to ways to make your email marketing more visual. There are two main areas to focus on: your landing page, or squeeze page, and your emails themselves. Here are a few hints and tips.

Your Squeeze Page

Your squeeze page needs to be impressive in order to get people to sign up for your email list. There are a number of ways you can do this.

An attractive sign-up form

You should have an attractive sign-up form for them to put in their name and email address.

Most email marketing services should offer a range of attractive templates. For example, AWeber has a range of ones you can select based on color and style. Choose a color that matches your logo. Or, choose a themed form, such as food, sports or hobbies.

Create a strong headline that will stand out

Let them know what is on offer and why they should care.

Other elements on the page will be key to getting them to sign up. These days, most smart email marketers offer a free special report or ecourse. Create an attractive cover for it. Write some marketing copy that tells the reader what they will get when they sign up. The entire page should be attractive and focused on a single goal: to impress them enough visually to get their email address.

Your Emails

Your logo

This helps brand your newsletter.

Create a custom header

In the same way that newspapers have a banner across the top that says, for example, The Washington Post, you can create one that reflects your brand and the nature of your newsletter or other emails you will be sending.

A matching HTML template

Use a template with the same colors as your logo to make the emails align with your brand. AWeber and other services have a wide range to choose from.

Add one relevant image

Images can be a bit tricky in email because they are often suppressed by the recipient’s email client, so they may not always see your logo, header or image. However, they do have the option to click to show images. If a picture is worth a thousand words, you can wow them with a high-quality image that supports the content you are publishing.

Use an easy to read font

San serif fonts like Helvetica, Arial or Verdana are a good choice. They make the content easy to scan quickly. If you want to slow down their reading, use Times New Roman.

Use subheaders

Subheaders give clues as to what you will be talking about, and also break up the page so there is more white space – making it easier to read.

Don’t use multiple columns

Put one item after the other, with headlines or subheaders in between. In this way, people can read your content easily even on their mobile phones.

Make your plain text email look attractive too

You won’t have any images or fancy fonts, but you can make even a plain text email look great with headlines, subheadings, use of capital letters to call attention to important information, and lines such as _, =, +, or / in between items to “box” them off, such as if you are running an ad in your newsletter.

Use these ten tips to improve your visuals, and you should see your email marketing response rate increase.

Some Ways to Make Your Email Marketing More Visual
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