Our source for the information we discovered about SMS trends and outlook mostly came from The 2017 State of SMS: The Definitive Guide to Mobile Marketing and Alerts. You can sign up for and receive the report yourself using this link: http://wvw.textlocal.com/state-of-sms-2017

We break down what it all means for you below.

People Like Texts from Brands They Love

This is especially true if you’re a supermarket, entertainment company, a health-based business, utility company or travel company. In fact, 98% of mobile users will read your business message if they know it’s a business they love.

People Do Opt In to Get Text Messages When Offered

According to the study, almost 50 million mobile users in the UK will allow brands to send them text messages by 2020 through opting in. This is permission marketing just like email marketing, and can be just as effective.

The Best Time to Send Messages Is Noon to 3 PM in Your Customers’ Time Zone

Their studies showed that the best time to send messages to get opened in any time zone is between noon and 3 PM. Even though this is the best time statistically, remember that your audience could be an outlier. Test this period first, then test others to compare.

SMS Messages Have a Very High Read Rate

Email marketing messages famously have low open rates even though it’s still one of the most effective forms of marketing ever. Conversely, SMS open rates are very high. In fact, according to their study, 90 percent of text messages are read within three minutes. That’s crazy. The conversion rate for SMS is about 32%.

What Mobile Devices Are Used for Most

It might shock you to realize that SMS is the number one use of mobile devices, with email being third. This is very important since most people are using mobile devices to access online information now.

More People Use Android Operating Systems

Currently, over 54% are using Android systems while only 34 percent are using Apple’s system iOS. This is important and you should survey your audience to find out which system they’re using, so that you can better target which type of products and services to offer your market.

Consumers Do Respond to SMS

If your customers are opted in to receive SMS from you, they are very likely to respond when asked to, at a rate of about 54 percent. They prefer to click on links and to share over calling when possible. What’s even more wonderful is that about 27 percent of those who opt in convert to purchasing something based on a text, either online or in person.

As you can see from this one study, there is every reason to participate in SMS marketing. If your audience signs up for SMS, then you should oblige them and send them valuable marketing messages in this manner.

SMS Trends Stats and Outlook
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