All businesses have a bell-curved shape from the start of the business to the end of the business. You can work to stay closer to the top of the bell by trying a few different tactics to get you back at the top of the mind of your audience.

This will bring back interest in your brand and increase engagement.

Study and Understand Your Audience

Even though you still have the same audience, depending on how long it’s been you may want to restudy them. Your demographics may have stayed the same but something within the culture may have changed. If you don’t study them, you won’t know. Think about how the McDonald’s or Coca Cola markets today compared to when they first began.

Research Keywords

Part of studying your audience is also studying the keywords you’re using to engage with and attract them. The keywords you’re using may be out of date for your industry. Take the time to research and find out what’s resonating with your audience now.

Update Old Content

Take the time to go through old content and update it to make it more relevant. You can’t really change titles or you may have people end up with a 404-error page if they click on an old link to the article. But you can change subtitles, headers, sub-headers, and keywords, as well as CTAs within any older content. Don’t forget your autoresponder messages.

Content Upgrades

When you are updating old content, consider adding content upgrades to help rebuild your list with new audience members who are interested in what you’re offering now. Send a notice about the content upgrades to your email list to give them something free that might revive some of them.


If you have a list of email addresses, you can upload them to Facebook Ads to market to them, as well as creating a look-a-like audience to get even more audience members. This is a great way to bring your brand back to the top of their mind.

Better Segmenting

Start using tagging so that you can segment your audience even more based on their behavior. If you have the unresponsive members on one segment, you can send more aggressive marketing messages and also use remarketing to ask them to come back.


Host a contest to get the buzz going. Ensure that the contest includes prizes that only your ideal audience would need or want. That keeps freebie seekers from getting involved in the contest.

Facebook Groups

Ask your list to come to your Facebook group. Creating a closed Facebook group is a great way to engage with your audience in a new way. Bring your audience to the group by telling them about it through email marketing, Facebook Ads, and word of mouth.

Clean Your Lists

One thing that can make engagement look off is having a dirty email list. Take the time to delete bouncing emails if your autoresponder doesn’t do it automatically. Clean out fake names, get rid of duplicates if you can, and find new ways to segment.

Send a Survey

A great way to re-engage your audience is to send out a survey to ask your current audience what they want.

Facebook Live

A really great way to engage your audience is to start doing Facebook Live events as often as you can. Try doing it for 30 days daily for about 15 minutes each time. Don’t forget to go back in and edit the cover image of the recording, as well as the description box – which should include links to your CTAs.

Never forget the CTA

Always remember to put a call to action on every engagement opportunity, whether it’s share, buy, like or something else. Use a verb to tell them what to do and make it worth it to them to do it.

When engagement is slipping, step back and look at what you’re doing that is working and what’s not working. Do more of what’s working, and less of what’s not working. Then add to your efforts with some of the ideas above.

Slipping Engagement? Why You May Be Losing Their Interest and What You Can Do to Get It Back
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