You want people to read your emails, answer your calls to action, and buy things from you. But, first you need to work on getting more people to click through the links within your email. You can’t get them to do that if they never read them.

Work on Your Subject Lines

The first thing that your audience sees when the email goes into their account is the subject line. Ensure that you craft subject lines that make your reader curious but don’t mislead them. That helps make them want to click, and then helps them learn to trust you.

Email Your List Regularly

If you don’t send out an email a couple times a week, your members will forget about you. Then when you send email, they’ll think it’s spam. Since you don’t want that to happen, send them something a couple times a week – or at least once a week until you have more to send.

Only Send Relevant Information

You started your email list for a reason. In fact, you had a very specific reason for asking for people to sign up for your list. Keep that in mind so that you can stick to that and only send relevant information to your list members. If you send things outside of the niche, the audience will get confused and start ignoring your emails or unsubscribe from your list.

Do What You Say You Will

When you send an email telling your audience you’ll do something, or provide something, see it through. Don’t say anything if you can’t follow through. When people take you at your word and your word is good, they’ll keep opening and clicking.

Keep Your Branding Consistent

Everything you do online should fit with a particular brand. Your brand denotes the feelings you want your audience to experience when they are reading your content, interacting with you on social media, and using your products or services. That way they have no doubt it’s from you.

Ensure Your Emails Are Responsive

Most people check their email on their mobile devices. That means if you really want to improve click-through rates and your email isn’t responsive, the first thing you should do is find another autoresponder and a better template so that every email you send works well in email. (Note: Your website needs to be similarly responsive.)

Use Smaller Images

Be careful about using too large of images in email because not everyone can download them. Plus, if you do use images, be sure to use the “alt” text area so that if the image doesn’t display they will see a note about what the image is.

Understand How People Actually Read

People read in an F-pattern online, not just from left to right. This is why chunky content with bold headlines, bullets, numbers, and plenty of white space is easier to read and more likely to be read.

Use these simple ways to increase your email click-through rate to vastly increase not only your click-through rate but your conversion rate too.

Simple Ways to Increase Your Email Click Through Rate
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