Including anything that is controversial on your blog can dramatically boost your website visitors’ numbers into the stratosphere, especially when you consider how social media helps the spread of such topics, but sometimes this controversy can boost your visitors’ numbers but not always in a good way, for example if you bring in a lot of people that strongly disagree with your opinion, you could start something you’d wish you hadn’t. For this reason, it’s extremely important to properly consider the type of blog post that you want to write and want to include on your business website. You want to ensure the topic fits well with your niche market, or target audience, that you care about it, that you hold a controversial opinion and that you can actually back the reasoning behind your opinion with some facts.

The media industry have used strong opinion pieces for many years, think back to the op-ed section of your local or national newspaper, in fact growing up in the UK many of the so called tabloids of the day were little more than controversial opinions. Many op-ed pieces are written to provoke, to get a reaction, to get people talking and to bring a controversial opinion to light. Most often with the best articles, the writer is sharing something close to their hearts that they feel the majority are getting wrong.

There is an art to creating a controversial blog post, taking the less travelled viewpoint, and still having friends at the end of it. One of the most important things to be able to do, is to be able to back up your opinion. Here are some ways to help ensure you can do just that so that your controversial blog post gets the kind of attention you want.

Keep a Tight Focus

First, ensure that you keep your focus tight on the issue at hand, think of this as writing a five paragraph essay for a school exam. You must stay focused and not go off on a tangent. Try outlining your controversial blog post first to ensure that you cover all the elements that you wish to cover, and give yourself a tight word limit of about seven hundred words.

Keep Your Tone Kind

As you’re writing, you don’t want to sound harsh. It’s much better to keep your tone kind, and simply state your opinion in a respectful way. Interjecting some humour along the way can counteract the fact that you’re probably ticking off a few people within your niche as they read the blog post. You aim is to get people to read your opinion and respect it, even if they disagree with it.

Don’t be Indecisive

Many people fail by beating around the bush, this is not the way to write a controversial blog post or to share your opinion. You should have a clear point of view on one side of the issue or the other and this is what you want to clearly portray. When someone reads your blog post you don’t want them to have doubts as to where you stand on the issue.

Be Crystal Clear

Keep your language direct, using active verbs. Don’t use a lot of double meanings in your words and use your own words, words you would use every day as these will connect better with your audience. Tell what you think the majority believe, then say what you think, back up what you think, and move on. People will respect that more in the long run.

Use Authoritative Sources

It’s imperative to use the right sources when you write any type of opinion piece, whether controversial or not. Using the right sources is an important aspect of any type of writing. Choose sources that your English professor would be proud to use. Find statistics that support your point of view in scholarly journals, and from government and private organization data and the search engines have made this super easy now. If you can provide real-life case studies to support your viewpoint, even better.

When you can prove your ideas with evidence from statistics, facts and figures, you’ll write a better controversial post. By using facts as well as your individual expertise to back up your opinion on any topic, you can show your readers that they can trust what you say, because your opinion has a factual basis and sound reasoning to back it up, show this to your audience and you’ll have the controversy and the respect of your audience.

Simple Ways to Back Up Your Opinion
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