Email marketing is one of the most important marketing tools for successful modern businesses, but it has become a great deal more competitive in recent years, with savvy readers becoming more discerning about what they put down their email address for. No one likes spam, after all.

In an effort to lure more people onto your list, you might actually be sabotaging your own business. Many marketers make the mistake of playing the numbers game and thinking the largest the list, the better, or the more traffic to their site, the better.

Sure, you want big numbers, but of qualified traffic – that is, people you already know are interested in your niche.

A free gift will get you more opt-ins, but will they be the right ones? And are you offering the right type of gift? Here are a few signals you might be attracting the wrong audience.

Lots of Sign-Ups, but Unsubscribes Too

If they sign up, stay a day or two, and then unsubscribe, they are not a good fit. In particular, watch out for this if you are offering a free downloadable PDF. If they are registering, grabbing the PDF, and unregistering, you’ve gained nothing. A better choice? Give them a multiple email eCourse to help build a relationship with them over time.

Unsubscribes at the End of the ECourse

Similarly, if you get a lot of unsubscribes at the end of your seven-day eCourse, for example, chances are they weren’t really engaged with the content.

Low Open Rates

If your emails are not getting opened, either you have bad subject lines, or they are just not that interested in your topic or niche.

No Sales

Every email you send out should have a link in it to give you a chance of making money from the email. This can be a subtle one at the end of each email, or in the context of a full promotional email telling them all about the product and making them a great offer. If your offers are still not being taken no matter how good they are, there must be an audience mismatch.

No Engagement

It is always a good idea to connect with your audience on a regular basis to learn more about what they really want and need. One way to do this would be to send out a questionnaire, or create a survey at a free site like SurveyMonkey, and ask them about what they would wish to hear more about. This is a good way of deciding on your next eBook topic, eCourse and so on.

But if you don’t get any replies even after you have asked for their feedback, it shows they are not engaged enough with your company to care.

Avoiding Dead Wood

Remember, most email marketing services charge per email address, so it is better to have 100 engaged subscribers than 1,000 who rarely open an email. Keeping “dead wood” will cost you big time. Create opt-in items of real use to the people in your niche, such as how-to types of content, and see if you can convert them from browsers into buyers.

Signs That Your Opt In Is Attracting the Wrong Audience
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