It’s amazing how many businesses send out email newsletters or perform some other form of email marketing, however it is also amazing how many of these have no idea if what they are doing is working and what they can do to improve conversion rates. Imagine knowing which articles and topics people like and click on to visit your website and read more, with such basic information as this you could tailor your content to make it more and more interesting to your audience resulting in higher and higher conversion rates.

Monitoring subscriber behaviours and studying analytics is an extremely important part of learning what works best for your audience, so that you can improve your marketing and generate more and more revenue for your business.

Modern Email Marketing Software Has Everything You Need

The simple fact is most good email marketing software programs already offer really good in-house analytics software that will do most of what you need to do. Combined with Google Analytics you’ve got an extremely powerful system in place.

Email is still and probably will be for a long time a very profitable way to market to your audience, but you always can get more tools to help you know exactly what you’re doing that is profitable and what you’re doing that is simply not getting results. The only way to find that out is with access to the right analytics.

You Control the Message But Do You Know What It Should Be?

Email marketing offers you a tremendous amount of control over your marketing. You are in full control of the message that is sent, so that you can drive sales on specific products and services. It’s important to also analyze what is happening with your messaging and how your audience is reacting to it. The very best data that you can study should be metrics that are particular to that channel. Pick and choose what to track based on the goals of a particular campaign, as I said at the start you can really tailor your content to engage your audience.

Does Your Software Offer the Capability Already?

Before buying an outside program, be sure to find out if your email marketing platform already offers the same ability. Also, try to understand why you need to track something. Just because someone told you that you need to track something doesn’t mean that you do. By tracking that particular metric, what will it show you; what would you change about your behavior if you knew the answer, and how will that affect return on investment? Oh and don’t be afraid to ask the support desk of your particular software platform for help, they are used to giving help and could really guide you in what is and isn’t possible with their software.

Do You Have Time to Do It Yourself?

Should You Pay for Better Email Marketing Data?If not, but you’ve identified that you should have that information, then it might be time to hire someone who will use your platform to do the analyzing of the data for you. Sometimes this is the best way to go when you’ve determined that the information is important but you simply cannot stretch yourself any thinner.

Hiring an expert will help you take the numbers and turn things around so that you can take even more control of the results, and it will be worth every penny as long as you’re going to follow through. And for those that want, you can outsource your entire email marketing campaign from content creation through to management and conversion rate optimization and yes, companies such as ours (FX Digital) offer such services.

The answer to the question of should you or shouldn’t you pay for better email marketing data is dependent upon whether or not you already have access to that data, whether it’s already available on the platform you are using, and whether you plan to act upon the data once you analyze it, if you don’t you could lose thousands of dollars in lost sales, you could be losing that now… simply by not engaging your audience correctly.

Should You Pay for Better Email Marketing Data?
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