The job of a sales funnel is to collect information about your prospects, turn them into leads, then into customers and ultimately repeat buyers and raving fans. Depending upon your goals, you may slightly change the order of sales funnel depending on where the entry points are. But for the most part, the sales funnel remains the same with the widest part at the top.

It boils down to these four points:

  1. Awareness

    Letting people know about your products and or services.

  2. Interest 

    Getting them to show interest by signing up for your email list.

  3. Decision

    Leading them to make a decision about buying your product or not.

  4. Action

    Taking action by actually buying, downloading, or following your CTA.

This process may take more steps depending on where your audience comes into the funnel. Here are some potential entry points.

Video Sales Letter

Typically this type of sales page is designed to sell a product. It will often be reached via an email that was sent to the list full of prospects that showed interest, either yours or your affiliates’. In this case, the funnel will include the sales letter, the CTA button (buy button), and a download page.

Long Sales Letter

This type of sales letter is also designed to reach prospects that don’t know much about your products or services yet. The long sales letter explains a lot about the product and offers all the benefits of buying. It is usually reached via an affiliate link, or a direct link via your email newsletters or directly from a link on your website. The funnel will include the sales letter, the CTA button (buy button) and the download page for the product.

Short Sales Letter

Typically a shorter sales page will be sent to qualified prospects via an affiliate link within an email newsletter. The buyer already knows something about your products and services and you are just giving them a quick opportunity to buy. The funnel includes the sales letter, the CTA button and the download page.

Opt-In Page

This is often the start of your sales funnel and while left out of the above examples, it’s really the beginning of your sales funnel because this is where you capture people to be on your list – usually due to a freebie offer. The funnel here will include the freebie offer, the CTA button, newsletter/email sign-up form, and the download page. An opt-in page usually doesn’t have an upsell offer.

Facebook Ad

When you create a Facebook advertisement, you can help yourself with it by creating a special sales funnel for the ads that you run. For example, if your ad is for your freebie offer to get more prospects to opt in and become leads, your funnel will look different than if it’s an ad for a particular product or service.

Retargeting Ad

This funnel needs to acknowledge that the audience has been to the product before and declined to buy or answer your CTA for some reason. Make this page even better than the old one by giving them an extra opportunity.

Email Autoresponder Link

Some people will reach your sales pages due to being on either your mailing list or an affiliate’s mailing list. It’s important to create these sales pages differently than other avenues because you want them to get just the information they need to make the choice to purchase.

Guest Article Link

When you contribute guest articles with a link to your products, services, or opt-ins, you want it to be a special page that acknowledges from where they came. This will personalize the information they receive and make them feel more valued.


When someone has seen a webinar they’re already on your email list, and are likely going to the website via either a link shared in the webinar or a link in a follow-up email. You therefore want to go straight to the shopping cart for the buyer to buy. So you need the product, the download page, and follow-up emails.

Regardless of the type of sales letter you use, the concept of the sales funnel works the same; it’s supposed to increase sales. But you’ll want to create a funnel for every opt-in, every webinar, product launch, and product that you sell, so that you can be sure to visualize and include every aspect that you need in that funnel to maximize sales.

Should Sales Funnels Be Different for Different Types of Sales Letters?
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