One of the best ways to build relationships with your customers and retain them is to show that you care enough about them to want to listen to them. Actively asking for their feedback is part of this process. Get their permission to share their stories, and you will be able to demonstrate the different experiences your customers have had with your product. This is invaluable social proof that prospective customers will pay attention to online.

Reviews and testimonials are an essential part of your sales letters for marketing each product you sell. But there are other ways to share your customers’ stories as well. Here are some ideas:

A Quick Start Guide

This can help them start using their product right away, without any confusion or guesswork. Create a PDF they can print out, and perhaps even a video one.

Video Reviews

Amazon has been allowing customers to make video reviews for years. Provide a list of guidelines, such as the name of the product, a view of them using it, and no bad language, and see what videos your happy customers will come up with.

Video Demonstrations

Ask your customer/s who give positive feedback if they would be willing to create a video of them using the product.


Interview your customer briefly via video or over the phone to tell their story about their “pain points” (problems related to your niche), and how your product helped them. If it’s via video, try to get them to use the product on screen.

Invite Them on Webinars

Webinars are great “info-tainment,” offering valuable information in an interesting and entertaining way. If you are organizing a webinar in relation to one of your products, why not invite happy customers along? They can pre-record their contribution if they are pressed for time. Again, try to get them to use the product on screen.

6. Invite Them to Guest Blog

Let them tell their own stories. Offer them the chance to guest blog. If you use WordPress, set them up with an account at the Contributor or Author level. You as administrator will be able to edit the work before it is published, just in case any adjustments might have to be made. Once it is published, encourage them to share their story on the social networks. If they are not much of a writer, let them make a video.

Add Testimonial Excerpts on Your Home Page

Put a few select quotes on your home page. If you use WordPress, use a testimonial plugin. Load it up with quotes and it will rotate them for you.

Create a Library of Customer Stories

Create a template that customers can fill out and create a page per story. Create a main page linking to all the stories, organized by the name of the product they are writing about.

In the template, ask them to write:

  • A brief biography
  • What their challenge was
  • How X product helped them solve their problem

Ask them to email the stories and take the time to publish them.

Link Regularly to the Story Home Page

Use the URL on your front page, in marketing materials, on social media, in your email signature, and more. Encourage people to click over by offering interesting teasers like, “Do you struggle with X? Find out how our customers have tackled it.” You can also link directly to the stories that are the most positive.

Use in Your Marketing Emails

Provide a link, or a story excerpt, to get your prospects to read more about X product.

Use in Your Presentations

Liven up your PowerPoint decks with some powerful excerpts from real customer stories.

Sharing Your Customers Stories
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