There are several key ingredients for a successful online event. Following this formula should help you earn more income with each online event you host.

Set a Clear Goal for Your Business

Whenever you’re thinking of creating an online event, set yourself a goal for it first in order to focus your efforts clearly. The usual goals will include more:

  • Gain Subscribers
  • Generate Sale
  • Extend your Brand reach

Set a Clear Goal for Your Attendees

Ask yourself what would you like your event attendees to get out of the live event? Make a list of:

  • What they will learn
  • Top tips they will be able to take away
  • What paid product you want to sell in conjunction with the live event
  • What bonus items you would like to give your target audience to sweeten the deal
  • What free gift you would like to give as a surprise thank you for everyone who attends or stays to a certain point of the presentation, like the first hour

The Three E’s of Live Presentation Content to Connect with Your Target Audience

A great live event online will be a combination of:

  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Emotional connection

By thinking of the pain points people have in your niche, and offering solutions for them, you can create an emotional connection. You are not just out to sell stuff. You genuinely care and offer solutions.

Good Organization

Once you know what your goals are and what your audience needs, decide on the format of the live event. In most cases, it will be a webinar. You might also decide that an interview, a panel discussion, or a summit with lots of speakers live over the course of a day or weekend will best serve the needs of your audience.

Depending on the format, decide if the event will be free or paid. Plan the length of time and an introduction for yourself and each speaker who will be participating.

Next, decide on the software you will use. GoToWebinar or Zoom would be two good choices.

Good Marketing for Your Event

Once you know the basics, you can start marketing the event. There are several important components to this. Most can be formatted in your live event software. This will include:

  • The landing page for the event and all of the details about it to get people excited to attend
  • The sign-up form for them to attend
  • A landing page at your site with the information
  • An email to your list with the details
  • Posts on all your social network with the details

A Well Rehearsed Presentation

Draft it and practice it until you can deliver it smoothly. Practice into a microphone and on your webcam. Do a complete run through at least once using the live event software you have chosen to use. If you really hate to appear in front of the camera, pre-record as much of the presentation as possible using PowerPoint.

A Well Presented Offer

Make them such a great offer for the product you are featuring that they would feel foolish not to buy.

Use these as a checklist for each of your live events and see how they can help your business, brand and profits grow.

Seven Key Ingredients for a Successful Online Event
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