Some fifteen years or so back I set up and ran a network marketing business, we sold customized email letterheads and we ended up with over two thousand five hundred active affiliates selling our products. As you can imagine getting people to sign up as an affiliate is one thing, getting them to actively promote and generate sales is another. There are however a number of ways to get your affiliates motivated so they will promote your products enthusiastically.

Offer Good Commissions

This is the easiest way to motivate any new affiliate, and when you are first starting your affiliate program, you need all the affiliates you can get, high commissions will ensure people sign up and start promoting your business.

Don’t Sell Junk

That might sound obvious to you but some people it seems will sell anything to make a dollar, don’t be that person. Your product should be high quality and offer real solutions for your target audience. Images, specifications, clear descriptions, reviews and testimonials on your landing page will all boost their trust in your products, and will therefore give them confidence they will be promoting worthwhile products to their target audience.

Create High Converting Sales Landing Pages

All of the information listed above should be presented on a high converting sales landing page. Your affiliates are going to be doing a lot of hard work driving traffic to your site. Your landing page has to be good enough for that landing page to convert.

Most pages convert at only 0.5%. If you can get 2% conversions, or above, affiliates will have confidence in your product. More than 5%, boast about it. More than 10%, make sure you include this in your description of your affiliate program so you can entice people more easily.

Offer Great Supporting Content

Not every affiliate marketer is a writer. Offer them articles, reviews, checklists, emails and other interesting content they can use to promote your products. In this way, their links will seem natural and not spammy.

Train Your Affiliates

Start with a basic primer on how to sell well as an affiliate. Help them understand the process with explainer videos, for example, or regular webinars or chats about it. Also, be sure to answer any questions they might have about your products and services. Unanswered questions can be the main reason why people stay away from any offer.

Create a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page with all the details they need to know, including commissions and other rules and regulations. Make it as easy as possible to do business with you, and they will put you ahead of other vendors and promote you more.

Offer Other Benefits

Be clear about who you are in your niche, and why they will benefit from working with you. Everyone can benefit if they work together in your niche and complementary niches. For example, if you sell wedding planning services, partner with gown, flower and formal wear sellers to offer discounts.

Contests are also hugely popular. Go for big prizes for the top affiliates. Try to be creative and think beyond just the iPad. Set a deadline to create buzz. Shake things up with different criteria each month, such as top dollar sales or unit sales.

The Pareto principle tells us that 80% of sales will come from 20% of your affiliates, so treat that top 20% like gold.

Offer Joint Venture Partnerships

Within that top 20%, 20% will be your “stars”. Consider offering them a joint venture partnership deal in which you can work together more closely. For example, interview each other and sell the recording to your lists, and split the profits. Host webinars together whenever there is a new product launch. Come up with creative ways to mutually profit.

Use these seven tips and you should see happier affiliates and more sales and remember most people will do anything for recognition, so recognize those affiliates that are working hard for you.

Seven Ideas to Get Your Affiliates Motivated and Promoting Your Products
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