The real key to client retention, outside of fabulous products and services, is the relationship that you can build with your customers. Having a good relationship with customers is the best way to increase cross-sells, upsells and the lifetime value of each customer.

Retaining customers and getting new ones takes a lot of work and can cost a lot of money, so you want to ensure that your onboarding process is consistent. Consistent onboarding is the key to success.

But, it starts even before your customer is really your customer – with the customer’s buying process.

Recognize Need

This is part of the awareness process for your customer. They realize they have a problem and that they need a particular service or product to help them solve it. The work that you do now will set the stage for later in the process. But right now is where you need educational materials for your audience to teach them about their problems.


This is the time that your audience finds out about your products and services as well as your competitors’. At this time they’ll need to make a choice between them, but your product is under review. This is where you need to supply them with lots of information in many different forms.


This is the time that your audience will look at everything that your competition provides as well as what you provide. It’s what they can find online that’s going to help them make the decision. It’s your job to provide that.

You likely know the above as part of the customer’s buying cycle, but there’s more to it.


This is where you get to the onboarding process, at engagement. It’s the moment your prospect starts interacting with you in some way, such as watching a product demo, simulation, feature selection or trial period.


This is the point of the onboarding process where they have made a purchase or converted in the way that you wanted them to. Now you can work with the customer to bring them through your entire product funnel.


At this time in the onboarding process you need to communicate with your audience in a clear and easy way. You also need to make them all feel like VIPs. Keep evaluating the customer needs so that you can improve. You’ll also upsell and cross-sell at this point in the onboarding process.

When you can learn about these phases, you can design a consistent customer onboarding process using entry level products, freebies and more. Just think about where your customer is at that moment and what they need from you to make you their go-to resource for all things in your niche.

Setting up a Consistent Customer Onboarding Process
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