It’s common sense when you think about it, the more your audience interact and engage with your content the more important your website is perceived by the search engines. Creating targeted, original and valuable content that connects with your audience will get you a lot more interactions and engagement.

The following are the types of things that signify interactions to the search engines.

Click Through Rates

The more people who click through the links that you offer on social media through email, in your newsletter, in advertisements, and other sources, the higher up in the search engines your website will appear. Search engines basically rank the popularity of your link and the more click throughs and links the more your website and content is wanted by your audience.

Bounce Rates

If you attract people to your website and they leave straight away this is referred to as your bounce rate. Search engines take note of this, as it is a sign to them that your website is somehow lacking in your audiences eyes and they will lower the ranking of your website accordingly. Fix every possible issue that could cause this problem such as slow loading pages, a site that’s not mobile friendly and stop using click bait to get clicks that are irrelevant.

Direct Traffic Rate

How many people come to your website directly without coming in through a landing page, an article or other link? If people type in your domain name often and automatically, click a bookmark, etc., this is a sign that your website is well thought of and authoritative, and will help raise your ranking within the search engines.

Repeat Traffic Rate

How many people visit your website and then come back again and again to read your content? This is important to the search engines because if indicates that your website is a reliable source of news that engages your audience.

Chrome Bookmarks

Google keeps track of Chrome bookmarks, isn’t that enough of a reason to switch to Chrome if you aren’t using it. If your website is bookmarked a lot of times, then it means it’s important to your audience. That may boost your ranking a little bit and you won’t even realize it’s happening. But, if you make your website more interesting and targeted to your audience, people will bookmark it.

Number of Comments

When people make comments of substance on your blog posts, it means that your content is thought provoking, especially when there are multiple comments. The more comments, the higher the content will appear in the search engines, especially nowadays when people comment less and less.

Hanging Out Time

This is how long people stay on your website, you want people to stick around on the website and use your content for as long as possible. The longer they do so, the better your website looks to the search engines and the higher you’ll be ranked.

Audience Engagement

Comments, clicking on links, sharing, and using the tools to get more interaction on your blogs, websites, social media sites and communities, will help advance the idea that you are an expert and your website is authoritative. This then raises your search engine ranking.

Keep these indicators in mind as you work on the SEO for your website and ensure your blog is part of your website for obvious reasons. If you think in terms of how you can better interact with your audience and provide interesting and informative content to them, your search engine ranking will improve as everything really is about your audience.

Why Interaction Is Important for Higher Search Engine Ranking
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