Can you imagine how much information there is on the Internet? The aim of search engines is to seek out this information and to then serve up the most relevant information to those seeking it. Semantic search is a technique in which a search query aims to not only find search results based on your keywords, but to also determine the intent and contextual meaning of the words entered into the search engine to be search for.

Semantic search provides more meaningful search results by evaluating and trying to understanding the search phrase and finding the most accurate search results for their audience. It’s up to us as content marketeers to understand that when we put out content, the goal is to ensure that it meets all four of the V’s of semantic search.


This is the amount of content that’s your pumping out to the web each day, whether it’s written content or another type of content and whether it originates from your website, blog, social media or someone else’s. Let’s aim for at least one blog post per day that you then push out to all your social media accounts. You may also share an image of something relevant such as an interesting infographic along with some blog posts that others in your industry have written.


This is about how quickly the information that you publish, travels out to different people. If you have a good list as well as active and engaged followers, it is likely your information is shared a lot. But, if you have few followers, then it’s likely you’re not getting shared all that much. The more your content is shared, the more important Google sees your content, which will then list your content and show it more often in their search results.


How much content is recreated due to your original content by you and others speaks to variety. For example, let’s imagine you post your mothers secret sauce recipe, and then someone who read it, also made the sauce and shared the recipe on Pinterest with their comments, and someone else did so on Facebook with their comments, and someone else blogs about making your recipe. This shows Google that what you share is important because other people through their actions though it was important.


The fourth V is about how accurate the information is that you share, which speaks about your expertise in the given subject and to your honesty. Google cares about whether the information you share is true or not and real or not, because this is what Googles audience cares about. That’s why you won’t usually get search results that point to the fake news sites.

When you create content, be aware of the four V’s of semantic search so that you can take maximum advantage of how this works in terms of what results search engines deliver to their audience. These are far more important than stuffing a bunch of content on your website that happens to have the right keywords in it, everyone after all is doing that. Instead, focus on using a variety of methods of getting your content into the hands of your audience, including paid media. I love to use Twitter for this, as it allows me to quickly push my content to my followers and with over two million impressions per month, this together with the other things I do, helps me stay on the first page of Google.

Additional information can be found on this external website.

The Four Vs of Semantic Search
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