Way too many business owners are hung up on search engine optimization and wanting to appear top of the main search engines for their chosen normally highly sought after keyword phrase. On top of this these business owners expect to purchase a website, not have too much to do with the design and content creation and for it just to sit there and never be updated by them, but it should deliver a massive return on investment. And of course Alice went down the rabbit hole, and Peter Pan lives in never, never land…

In the real world, there are many factors that will affect the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website, some of which you may not be aware of. SEO is often seen as something secretive that the ordinary person cannot understand and wrap their minds around. But the truth is, SEO is actually an organic process that touches every aspect of your website, from the layout and design of your website through to the content on your website. It’s a combination of every single aspect and not just a single thing that can be added on at the end. Its complex sounding when talked about as a whole, however when broken down into its components it’s pretty easy to understand and implement.

The Website Code

When you first start to think of building a website, thought should be given to SEO. The way that your code translates to various search engines what it wants to show the user is an important component of SEO and can affect it greatly.

The codes tells the search engines what the title of your website is, the topic it covers, the title of every page, as well as when the images and content on the site are all about. By paying attention to the code of your website, making it clean and search engine friendly, and including these factors your search engine ranking will increase.

The Content

Many people try to load the content of their website with keyword rich content and this is a mistake because the search engine business is one of the biggest businesses in the world, and they exist only because they serve the best and relevant information to their users. Anyone that thinks they can fool such a business by stuffing keywords into content or doing anything else for that matter is only fooling themselves and informing the search engines of your intentions to try and defraud them.

Basically speaking if you write good quality content with your audience in mind you will naturally write keyword rich content that will be almost perfectly optimized. When you write you will naturally use your keyword phrase within the introduction and with the closing paragraphs and occasionally throughout the main body of text, this is sufficient for search engine optimization needs.

You should apply this thought process to the navigation links, anchor text, images, descriptions and blog posts… but remember to ensure it is designed for the end user first and foremost and not the search engines.

Inbound Links

Inbound links are still important for higher search engine rankings, so they are very important components that affect SEO. Links that work best aren’t fabricated, but occur naturally in the course of the life of your website. For instance, if a lot of people like the site, and due to liking the site link to it from their website, search engine ranking goes up.

If no one links to the website for any reason, you will have less naturally occurring links and the ranking will be less. Engaging in content marketing, guest blog posting, social media marketing, and other efforts such as these can improve the number of inbound links to your website exponentially, as long as the links created are high quality links from authority sites and not from the link farms of yesterday.

The Age of the Domain Name

While you cannot alter the age of your domain name, you’ve heard that aged website with aged domain names and with great content will rank higher in search results. It’s true, and this can be a frustrating component of SEO that you have no control over.

However, there is one thing about the age of your site that you can control: when the domain name expires. Buy your domain for longer periods of time than one-year intervals. If the search engine sees that your site does not expire for ten years down the road, it will perceive a higher confidence level of the importance and relevance of your website than if it expires sooner.

Blog Often

The number one thing that every business owner should do to increase their search engine ranking is to blog often. If a website owner writes one post every single week and simply seeks to engage their audience they will automatically write great content that will increase the ranking of the website. If your ranking isn’t improving all it means is that you haven’t hit the publish button enough times.

These five factors affect SEO in various ways, but each matters tremendously in their own right. By keeping each in mind as you build your website, and add on to your existing website, you’ll begin to see your ranking improve exponentially.

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