Building online authority is one of the ways in which you can improve your SEO and SEM. There are several ways in which you can make SEO and SEM better and one of those is to build a reputation of authority. This means that you’re seen as an authority of a particular topic, subject or niche. The reason you’re seen as an expert is because you have demonstrated your knowledge as an expert via your work. That work can consist of a variety of different forms and formats. In order to get known, of course, you must market all your work.

Write Articles

The more opportunity you have to demonstrate your knowledge through articles the better. You don’t have to only write for your own website, you can write for other websites both for publicity and for pay. You can also write for newspapers, magazines, and other publications. All articles that you get published are good for SEO because you’ll have your byline which will provide a link back to your website. The ones on your website will provide search engines the keywords through your titles to send new customers to your site.

Write Blog Posts

Studies by show that bloggers who post targeted, useful, and engaging blog posts at least 20 per month seem to have up to 97 percent more visitors than those who post less often. This goes to show how very important targeted blog posts are. Not only do frequent bloggers get more visitors, they make more money and have higher conversions than those who blog less often which is the entire point of SEO and SEM.

Write Books

This might seem intimidating but if you think of a book as just a series of articles and blog posts, you can do it. Becoming an author boosts your authority mostly because people are super impressed when someone writes a book. They perceive writing a book as hard work, and the fact that you have enough knowledge to put in an entire book is impressive. Write and publish (and market) a book within your niche and your authority will improve quickly.

Give Speeches

Once you’ve written a book, you have a basis to be invited to, or to enter into the speaking circuit. speakers are often paid very well. Some speakers make thousands for just one event. Aside from becoming another income stream, speaking is also a good way to boost your authority as well as become another way for your potential customers to find you. It’s a type of on page and off page SEO. On page, due to the blogs you’re going to write about speaking, and off page due to the press releases you’re going to send out about your appearances.

Do Interviews

As an expert, you should avail yourself to the press and others who might want and need your expertise. The way to start doing that is to respond to news stories, articles, blog posts, radio shows, and other events with your support, opinions and information that can help. The more freely you offer additional information to people the more often you’ll be called on for your expert opinion. The more often you’re called on, the more links and information that will appear about you on the Internet.

Host Webinars

A great way to promote yourself and demonstrate your expertise is to host online webinars. A webinar is just like an in person seminar but it is given online via various technology like , or Google Hangout On Air. Hosting a webinar and especially answering questions live will demonstrate your expertise in a very impressive way. The promotion of and surrounding the webinar also serves as content and links for SEO purposes.

Participate in Social Media

A great way to market most of the above is to use social media. But, aside from marketing on social media, you also want to participate. Answer questions, add your thoughts to discussions, and become a real participant. As you demonstrate your authority by your answers, your insights, your intelligence, others will start seeing you as an authority and seek you out for information about your niche.

Go to Live & Online Networking Events

Don’t forget that SEO can be on page and off page. On page SEO is in regard to your content, the keywords, links, Title Tags, the URL, images and more. Off SEO consists of all the activities you do to get links into your website or blog on social media, commenting, and more. Pretty much anything you do can affect your SEO. Make sure the things that you do help build your authority.

Becoming a thought leader, an authority, in your niche is within your grasp. Just pick a niche and specialize it. They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert, start working on your authority now, and by the time you’ve spent 10,000 hours studying your niche and demonstrating your knowledge you’ll have achieved thought leader status. Due to that status you’ll improve your search engine optimization and search engine marketing efforts exponentially.

SEO: Building Authority
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