When it comes to marketing and getting results not much works better than segmenting your market. But, have you ever thought about segmenting your keywords and analytics to learn more about the actions of your viewers? Let’s examine this idea further.

If you look at your Google Analytics you will see that some people are “new visitors” and some are “returning visitors”. You also get to see some keywords that were used, plus the new “keywords not provided”, as well as “non-paid search traffic”. You can even see what browser they used to come to your site. This type of information will tell you a lot about your customers and potential customers.

Within your Google Analytics you can customize the segments that you want to look closer at. You can segment by referring sites, location, and landing pages. All of this information is useful because the more information that you have about your audience, the more targeted your content marketing can become, and the more you can be sure that your audience views your information in the places they visit.

The point of SEO is to help you get more organic traffic to your website. Part of improving SEO is to get as much information about your clients and potential clients as possible so that you can create valuable content, products and services for them based on the information that you know. The way to find out more information is to dig deeper into analytics, segmenting the information you have in as many viable ways as possible. You want to figure out which visits are converted to sales, and which aren’t, and then try to figure out how to get more converted to sales.

The entire point of doing all the work of SEO is to make more sales, get more newsletter sign ups, increase leads, and make a connection with your audience. That’s why the data you study is also important. When you segment data to study it, drilling down further you will reveal a better detailed picture about your audience and what makes them act in the manner you want them to act. Which sales page worked better? What keywords attracted visitors who purchased?

There is so much data that it’s easy to get overwhelmed so take it one step at a time. Filter, group, segment. Figure out which visitor type they are, are they new visitors, customers, affiliates or do they fit in a different category? How did they get there? Did they use a particular keyword, click a pay per view advertisement, or find a guest blog post or ad on another site? Additionally, you want to know how do new prospects act on your site in comparison to people who are already customers?

In order to be able to segment your traffic data better be sure that you’ve set up your analytics appropriate. Email, social media, mobile traffic, QR Codes, and redirects should include trackable links that let you know from where the traffic originated. Without the parameters set properly it will be difficult to explore how more segmented analytics will help your SEO and ultimately conversions.

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