You’ve heard it many times over that you need a lot of content on your website to attract the search engines, right? Well, you do need a lot of content on your site, but you want to attract more than search engines, you want to attract your target audience to come, stay, read, enjoy, learn, and engage. The way to do this is to produce fresh, quality content, often. A () shows that businesses that blog at least 20 times a month end up with “55% more visitors, 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages”.

Think about it, that’s just with a blog and blogging about your business and niche through targeted blog posts at least 20 times a month. Imagine the results if you blog 20 times a month, and then add in other types of content such as in depth articles and white papers, podcasts, videos and case studies? Obviously, by adding more interesting content you’re going to be more attractive to your audience, and a side effect of that is to be more interesting to search engines, which leads to a bigger audience. Thus, the cycle continues.

Thankfully there are many ways to get a lot of fresh, quality content on our website and / or blog. First, you need to understand your niche, and your audience, and produce content that only your audience would desire. Next, you need to do it often, finally you need to promote the content.

Curate Content — You can find high-quality content about your niche from experts all over the Internet. Simply write a blurb summarizing the content, then link directly to the source of the content. It’s a great way to give your audience a one-stop-shop for all things related to your niche that they’d like to see.

Hire Ghostwriter — Unless your particular job is that of “writer” then you probably don’t want to, and maybe even can’t produce that much high quality content on a regular basis, so you’re going to need help. Nothing is wrong with getting help and today it’s simple to find a ghostwriter who can write in the style you desire and who sells all rights to the work to you. It’s a lot less expensive than you might think too. Try out a few people with small projects first.

Blog Daily — Blogs don’t have to be super long, they can be from 300 to 750 words and it’s fine. To get ideas for your blog posts try to think of a blog post as kind of introductory in nature, they cover one minute point of a big topic. They are written in a more casual voice directly to your readers. If you get stuck, try using voice to test to “talk” your blog posts. You may be surprised that you have a lot more to say than you thought.

Mix it Up — Don’t think that all content has to be text. You can mix it up and use podcasts, video like you find on YouTube, and other forms of content. Right now infographics are very popular. You can make infographics easily today with tools like . Try repurposing a blog post or article that has a lot of data into an infographic and you’ve now doubled your content and given your audience something to pass around and share.

When you think outside the blog, you can come up with enormous amounts of content. Remember to repurpose content that you already have into different forms, and to plan ahead your content year. Planning ahead will help you succeed where others fail. In no time you’ll have more visitors, and this time it will be visitors who want to stick around and find out what you have in store for them.

Producing Fresher, Quality Content Essential To Online Success
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