You’ve likely noticed that everything is personalized now. There is personalized search, personalized email marketing messages, personalized website experiences, and even personalized advertisements based on your search history. For some people it can be downright scary. But, for marketers, it’s an amazing thing of beauty, well most of the time.

The fact is, that even though consumers are quite savvy when it comes to being sold to, personalization increases sales. By some estimates a personalized email will receive over 400% more responses than one that is not personalized. In order for you to take advantage of the idea of personalization it’s important that you do some work and research.

What do you know about your customer? Who are they? How far can you take personalization? In other words what technology do you have available to allow for personalization? Your budget will dictate how far you can go. Do you know what your audience does when they come to your website? How can you make the experience more personal for them? What can you learn from your customer about how they respond to your offers?

There is an enormous amount of research that goes into learning about your audience when it comes to benefiting from the personalization opportunities that exist. Even if you can’t afford the big budget to build a responsive personalized website experience you can learn by studying the metrics what most of your customers do when they come to your website, and how they respond as a whole to your offers. This can help you know how to improve your online presence to take advantage of personalization.

To put it into perspective you have to admit that you also like feeling as if you’re special when dealing with vendors. It feels good when someone remembers your birthday or calls you by your given name. We like being treated as individuals. Well, your clients also like all those things. If you can afford the technology to get more personal, your clients will appreciate it.

There is so much information you can gather from looking at metrics within Google Analytics, as well as within your email marketing technology. A few really interesting technologies that are coming to the forefront are the ability to find out what your audience is reading, what other sites they visit, and the ability to recognize a repeat visitor and make recommendations based on prior actions.

In addition, always study the metrics from any advertising that you run. You can find information such as demographics, and even what kind of computer the person had who clicked through. This information is important to help you learn about your audience so that you can market to them in more and more personalized ways. As you improve your marketing based on your research you’ll see a trend in the right direction.

You’ll see your customers spending more money as well as interacting with you more on your online real estate whether it’s your website or social media networks. Why? Because they feel as if the count and as if you care about them. Be aware that you can’t fake it forever if you don’t really care. You should care about your clients because, after all, would you exist if not for them?

Online Strategy: Why Personalization is More Important than Ever
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