Video is good for search engine optimisation (SEO), it seems strange that something that is not text based is so good, but it is. Video impacts visibility, engagement, satisfaction and conversions because it’s so good for SEO.

Page Rank

According to the Online Publishers Association, audiences not only prefer watching videos to reading text when learning about a new product or service, the video also converts at a higher rate than more traditional contextual components like text sales pages and blog posts. Because of this, Google ranks pages higher that have a good mix of video content and text content.


You can use keywords in your titles, tags, and description for any video you create. Plus, you can have the video transcribed and put the transcription on the page to help boost SEO even more.

Organic Search Traffic

Video is more likely to be shared than text. Therefore, it’s a huge opportunity to get more links back to your website, thus increasing the likelihood of more people finding you. With every share, you up the chances of being found by even more people and then shared again.

View Rate

How many people click on the video to view it? This is an important number because it will help you to determine if the message is translating enough to make people convert. If a lot more people are clicking through without viewing the video, can you determine why with the information you available to you?

Completion Rate

Out of the viewers who click, how many watch the entire video? If you find that not enough people are watching your videos to the end, perhaps you might want to adjust the length to ensure people get your entire message.

Viewer Rating

This is a good metric to look at to help you determine how your audience is responding to the video. Do they like it? What percentage of your audience doesn’t like your video? Why don’t they like it? Is there a way to improve your rating?

Viewer Comments

Ensure that you read and respond to all your viewer comments to boost the engagement factor. The comments may help you determine ways to make your videos better. You might even get new video ideas.

Viewer Purchase Rate

Using all the information you can gather from how many people watched your video, you can figure out the viewer purchase rate. How many more people purchase from your video than purchase from other methods?

It’s important to keep track of these numbers because they can help you determine the impact of video on your search engine optimization. Compare your numbers with industry norms and you’ll soon know what to do to improve your video SEO for maximum results.

Measuring Video Impact on Your SEO
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