Due to the fact that search engine technology is changing and search engines want to return the most relevant results to their users, the idea of keyword density is becoming a thing of the past. The problem with worrying about keyword density is that it produced content that was subpar and not truly focused on the audience.

As this problem with content came to pass, search engines had to come up with technological solutions so that they could do their job: Please their users with better, more relevant, quality search results. As someone who wants to market on the Internet it is imperative to keep up with the changing times but, it’s always been more important to focus on quality content than keyword rich content that only focused on search engines than on people. If you’ve been doing that, you likely haven’t seen much of a change in terms of your search results.

If you have seen a huge downswing in your search results because you were focused solely on keywords in your content, then it’s time to take note:

Proper Keyword Usage

Keep using keywords, don’t stop. But, place to the focus on using keywords into the URLs, page titles, blog post titles, captions, headers and sub headers. Use natural language in the body of your content. Yes, it’s fine to use keywords in the content, but only use them when it’s natural to do so. You should be very focused, instead, on user experience.

Focus on User Experience

User experiences should outshine any type of SEO. Of course, you must consider SEO in order to get your traffic to you, but as search technology improves you’ll see that you can publish more relevant and better content now while speaking directly to your audience instead of search engines. Remember that the point of having content is for your user to view and if it’s hard to read due to keyword usage or doesn’t make sense or looks like spam, it won’t give the user a good experience.

Build Relationships With Your Audience

Social media comes into play to help you with SEM by providing new links into your website (off page SEO), but it does so much more and you should focus on the “more” instead of the link back to your site. That’s a given. Instead, focus on building relationships with your audience. You want them to see you as a thought leader, give them thoughtful content to consider. If you want them to see you as someone trustworthy don’t recommend anything you wouldn’t use yourself

The fact is, unnatural content that is contains a certain percentage keyword density, even as low as 2 percent will often look and sound strange. When your write or talk naturally about any topic your audience is interested in you will automatically use keywords that will draw your audience to you. That’s just a fact. No need to force the situation. It’s still good to be aware of new terms you may not have considered by doing keyword research, but don’t force it. Make keyword density focus a thing of that past. Make your audience’s experience the most important part of search engine optimization.

Why Keyword Density Focus Should Be a Thing of The Past
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