Search engine optimization or SEO is still important today as it has always been and it’s still one of the most important ways of bringing visitors to your website. Search engine optimization involves everything from the layout of your website, to the fonts used, to the content and articles incorporated, not forgetting those so important images. All of this needs to be organized around the idea that you want to attract your target audience to your website.

Let’s look at some basic search engine optimization techniques you should consider adopting.

Focus on your Target Audience

Every single aspect of your website from the colors used, to the images, to the words and titles needs to be focussed to meet the needs of your target audience, this comes above every single thing you might do. Be it any type of SEO or SEO strategy, anything that ignores your target audience, should not be adopted and carried out.

Design User Friendly Navigation

Making it easy for your users to get around your website is as important as any other aspect of your website, because if your users cannot find the information they want easily, they’ll simply leave and go elsewhere. You therefore need to consider your target audience, their age, technical ability and other demographics and then work out a navigational structure that best suits this group of people.

Details, Details and Did I Say Details

Most website visitors don’t enter your website via that nicely designed homepage, they enter via the others pages, these then should also be considered as entry point. Now look at each of these pages and look at it from your audience’s perspective. What do they see on each page? In terms of search engine optimization the money is always in the details … this means that descriptions should be on every page, content for each page should be focussed on specific keywords, navigation should be easily understood and every page needs to have a call to action.

Continuously Add New Content

Every website needs keyword rich, user centric content to be added on a continuous basis, this is why I tell every business owner I meet that they need to have a blog. This needs to be updated with new content, three to five times a week (or more) to encourage search engines to index your website often, as an added bonus it also encourage your audience to revisit your website because of the new fresh content they will find there.

Create Sitemaps

A sitemap helps search engines index your website, so make sure you include an XML sitemap as that will help the search engine know what pages are most important in your website and with today’s technology this can be created and updated automatically thus helping the search engines continuously index your website.

Earn Relevant Incoming Links

The easiest way to generate lots and lots of links to your website is to write lots and lots of quality content that interests your audience. Others will then naturally link to this content and the number of linking websites will increase.


Generate at least 50 to 100 keyword phrases for your niche, then have each page on your website focus on one of these keywords. Use keywords within the content, on the anchor text, and in descriptions for your website. Don’t ruin your content to include keywords within it, but include them so that they appear natural and used only as required to make your point. By doing so, you cannot be accused of keyword stuffing and your website will gain good natural SEO.

Educate Yourself About SEO

Search engine optimization is continuously changing and with Google saying that it is constantly updating it algorithms this isn’t likely to change anytime soon. This means that it’s important to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques even if you don’t use them as I rarely do, as I like to keep things natural looking… Google and Bing Webmaster tools are great places to start.

Remember that SEO is a long term strategy that starts before your website is designed and it’s an industry that is ever changing. Don’t be frustrated by the fact that you don’t experience instant success. As you learn to focus most of your efforts on your target audience, providing the most tools, and solving the most problems for that target audience, SEO will become practically second nature and things seem to take care of themselves without any real effort.

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