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Tips for Writing Actionable Title Tags

A title tag is used by search engines and individuals as information to know what is on that particular page. They usually appear in the tab on your browser when you go to the site in question. In addition they are used as anchor text when you share them on social media and in the search results. To create awesome actionable title tags, follow these tips. Install a Good Plugin

How to Write Good Meta Tag Descriptions

You might not even realize it, but meta descriptions are still extremely useful and while Google says that meta descriptions don’t affect how high your content appears in searches, it will affect whether or not your audience clicks through to your website. And for the record, the more people who click through, the more Google will rate your content as important and rank you higher in the search engines. Why

The Proper Way to Use Redirects for SEO Purposes

Do you know what redirects are? Essentially they are a way of forwarding one URL to another URL. You have several main types of redirects including 301, 302 and Meta refresh. A 301, which indicates its a permanent type of redirect, is the one that’s most recommended for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. The 302 is a temporary redirect and has to do with refreshing and sending you back where

Why Interaction Is Important for Higher Search Engine Ranking

It’s common sense when you think about it, the more your audience interact and engage with your content the more important your website is perceived by the search engines. Creating targeted, original and valuable content that connects with your audience will get you a lot more interactions and engagement. The following are the types of things that signify interactions to the search engines. Click Through Rates The more people who

Why Keywords Aren’t All That

If you’ve got a website, you will have heard all sorts of things about SEO. You will have heard that you need to research your keywords and create content with a certain number of keywords if you want your website to appear high within the search engines. Whilst some of this is indeed true, much of what you hear isn’t. You do need to use keywords, but there it a

Get Ahead with SEO in 2016

As a business owner you no doubt understand the importance of having a successful website that appears on the first page of Google and the other search engines. You’ve no doubt received an email guaranteeing you a listing on the very first page of your chosen search engine, and you’ve no doubt questioned your present web designer about getting better rankings. You might think that search engine optimization (SEO) is

Guide to SEO Success

Mention Search engine optimization to any business person and they will look at you as if you are either speaking a foreign language or offering a less than professional service (the later thanks to all those scam SEO companies) … but the truth is simple. Search engine optimization is about strategic planning, content strategy, and crafting an overall experience that will engage and resonate with your target audience. SEO is

Local Search Engine Marketing For Small Business

A lot of small business owners think that online marketing is something larger business do that want to reach a national or international audience. However, nothing could be further from the truth, utilizing online marketing can create lots of business. In fact, local search engine marketing is made for local marketing, let me demonstrate. If you do a search for a business or service on Google without putting in the

Dos and Don’ts of SEO In 2015

Search engine optimization or SEO is still important today as it has always been and it’s still one of the most important ways of bringing visitors to your website. Search engine optimization involves everything from the layout of your website, to the fonts used, to the content and articles incorporated, not forgetting those so important images. All of this needs to be organized around the idea that you want to


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