If you’ve been marketing for some time doing the same thing for a while, it’s most likely a good idea to revamp your marketing plan in order to boast sales. As technology changes, so do the marketing methods and needs. In fact, every time you create a new campaign you should be revamping your marketing plan based on the metrics from your last marketing campaign.

Analyse Your Marketing Metrics

Just like an accountant you’ve got to look at the numbers. As to what numbers to look at, it depends on the goals of your marketing campaign. Each campaign will have different goals so you’ll have different metrics to review for each different plan. But, the important factor is to look at the numbers. If something is not working after a month, it’s not going to work and it’s time to move on to something else.

Don’t forget that for the ultimate marketing metrics in regard to your website you need to incorporate Google Analytics, AB Split Testing and Heat Maps… these give you ever number you could possibly want and will increase your conversion rates, if used.

Make Alterations Based on the Numbers

As mentioned above, if something isn’t working, it’s a good idea to make changes on the fly. Change your sales page headline if it’s not converting. Try some different words to encourage purchasing. Ensure that the technology is working. If you have a lot of traffic but no sales, it’s likely a technical issue or you simply aren’t engaging your audience.

Everything Comes Down to the 80/20 Rule

Not only will 20 percent of your work lead to 80 percent of your sales, it’s also true that 80 percent of your product is usually purchased by 20 percent of your audience. That’s just a statistical anomaly that has been proved to be true over and over again. Focus campaigns on those who have already purchased to move them through your product funnel for a quick boost in sales. This is one of the main reasons you need to constantly engage (touch) your existing customers as they will reward you the most.

Look for New Opportunities

Don’t turn up your nose at new ideas, new technology and a new ways of thinking. Imagine how many business owners are really upset that they did not get into blogging and online marketing a lot sooner. Keep abreast of technology that affects your niche to avoid trying to sell outdated and old fashioned products and services to your audience.

Never Ever Give Up

With marketing, persistence is the key. Write a blog post as often as possible, and daily is what I would recommend, it’s what I do and if I can do it, anyone can. Send out more than seven announcements about your new products or services to your audience. Send the announcements out in a variety of ways, too. Be consistent on every marketing channel that you join, be it your blog, social media marketing, and more. Don’t post once then give up, Keep on going, I once read that you need to make at least eight contacts before most people buy, so make those eight connections.

Everything you do is not going to work every time. Sometimes something will work spectacularly one time, bringing in many sales, but the next time you try it, it doesn’t work, that’s life. Other things don’t work at all, and yet, there are times when you discover something that works so great that it actually works every single time you try it. Revamp your marketing plan continuously to increase sales and engage your target audience.

Revamping Your Marketing Plan to Increase Sales
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