If you are like me, you will have seen hundreds of advertisements for templates, swipe files, or step by step instructions to Facebook Advertisements, Google Adwords and all manner of one size fits all approaches. But, it’s a well known secret in marketing, that the one size fits all approach simply doesn’t work.

Branding Is Imperative

When you use someone else’s cheat sheet, you need to take the time to ensure you adjust it and brand it for your own business and niche. You want your target audience to see what you do and know immediately that’s you.

Quality Is Also Important

Sometimes when you buy “done for you” information it’s high quality, but it’s not your quality. That’s okay. Improve it, incorporate your words, and your ideas, and your information. Adjust things to be the quality that you want.

Your Audience Is Different

Even if you share similar audiences with others, your audience will ultimately be different. When you market to your audience, you need to let them know when they consume any of your content that you thought of them and are directing it toward them.

Stop Using Swipe Files “As Is”

When you get a swipe file, it’s to give you ideas. You can copy it to a point, but you must always consider your audience. If you don’t change some things to ensure that it fits with your audience’s expectations of you, then they’ll be confused.

Keep Learning

Keep studying your audience, your niche, and marketing. What’s popular today may be old-fashioned and ineffective tomorrow and what you learn today could be highly effective tomorrow. It’s important to continue to always pay close attention to matters that are important to you.

Be a Leader Instead of a Follower

It’s easy to follow other people and do what they do. But, is it really working? While there are known things that work best in marketing, it’s not going to be exact. What works for one may not work for another. For example, Thug Kitchen uses foul language to promote their vegan food. But, if another business used it, it might not work at all for them. In fact, it might turn people off. Know your audience.

Your Story Is Unique

Never forget your why. Never forget how you started. Never forget what you’re doing. Never forget who you’re doing it for. It’s imperative to tell your story as it is, the whole truth, and then incorporate other people’s ideas but always keep it real with your truth.

Data Matters Most

Having said that, you should only measure the things that matter. Once you gather the data you can improve things that can be improved, drop things that can’t be, and do more of what is obviously working, pretty obvious isn’t it really?

Go ahead and use swipe files, templates, etc., for ideas, they are great for this. Go ahead and learn about what other people are doing that works. But, always look at it from your audience’s perspective instead of going blindly into any marketing plan like a sheep following a Shepard. Adjust it to meet the needs of your audience so that it will work. Make it a unique plan that works for your business and delivers the results you expect.

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Some Reasons Why One Size Fits All Marketing Plans Dont Work
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