Real time marketing was popular in 2015, however it is set to explode and hit new heights of popularity in 2016. The main reason for this is that technology and high speed internet access have made it super easy for anyone to conduct streaming chats, share messages and much more. If you’re not using any of these tools in your business yet, it’s difficult to come out from behind your computer and let the online world see the real you, but the time has come, it’s something you should be doing now.


This messaging app allows you to share photos or videos with a caption, doodle or special lenses, and add to your story to share with all your followers. It is an amazingly innovative and fun application that you can use in business. You can also share directly with friends, they will only see your message for ten seconds and then it disappears. There are many ways to use this for business if you give it some thought and use a little imagination I’m sure you can see the possibilities.

This live streaming app is owned by Twitter, but it can be perceived as hard to use, due to all the things it actually does. You can send out live video via your mobile device anytime you want to, from anywhere and then have feeds live on Twitter. Those with the Periscope app can also join via their mobile devices. It’s very interactive, fun and it most definitely works.

This app runs online via your computer and has a couple mobile apps out. While comparable to Periscope, it has fewer features and is meant for conducting live radio-like events. You can record your blabs and use the recordings later in a replay, or you can upload to YouTube or even various podcasting apps as audio only.

This messaging app is interesting in how it works; you can send messages with images that have selective portions blurred out so that only those who are listed can view the images in full. You can create group stories using live shots or photos, and you can also add your story to the library. It can also be interactive in that friends can upload different clips to add to the story.

This mobile app enables you to send out live video broadcasts using your mobile device. Both your Facebook and Twitter accounts can be connected to Meerkatapp so that you can stream live to all your followers.

Google Hangout

This live streaming broadcast app from Google is an amazing way to market your business. You can host full-fledged webinars using Google Hangouts along with plugins and apps like

These six real-time marketing tools, have a lot of applications for marketing and making your business better than ever in 2016. You just need to know how to use them right for the best results and the easiest way to learn how to use them is to jump right in and to use them. Just try them out as many as you like, until you find one that you like the most and stick with it. Then establish a consistent brand and most of all, just be yourself, tell your story, share your knowledge and opinions and you’ll be amazed at how well you do.

Real Time Marketing Tools for 2016
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