If you’re involved in marketing in any shape whatsoever you should understand the importance of understanding your target audience or as others call it, your typical buyer persona. Now imagine this on steroids, imagine the ability to market to individuals “on the fly” with real time marketing messages. Imagine being able to send messages to each individual audience member that’s relevant to their needs and interests right then. If you are like me, you must find this one of the most fascinating and awe inspiring steps technology is allowing us to take.

The idea of being able to market to your market based on what they are interested in at that time is exciting and one that you can be sure will add to your bottom line and deliver a great return on investment if you learn how to do it. One way is to engage in real time marketing is to use social media to listen to what is important right now to your target audience. Are they watching a specific television show? Are they involved in a specific sport or are they interested in a specific news item. If so you can then guide your marketing efforts towards their interests.

Listen to Your Audience

Set up alerts on Google Alerts, Twitter and other social media to find out when your brand, your competitors brand, or items related to your brand are mentioned. You can devise marketing based on these mentions to offer the right products and services that your audience wants right now.

Understand Your Industry

No matter what industry you’re involved in, there is an entire industry surrounding what it is that you do. You should be monitoring the news in your industry to find out what the trends are now and into the future. You can prepare marketing materials based on these trends and get ahead of the buzz with the right marketing materials that appear fresh, timely and relevant to your audience.

Understand Your Target Audience

As with any type of marketing it’s imperative that you understand your target audience, they are the our secret weapon as to what types of products and services you’ll offer, as well as the marketing material you’ll prepare to engage your audience and turn them into buyers of your products and services.

Prepare (the five P’s)

On the surface it seems almost impossible that you can prepare for “real-time” marketing, but you can. Get the technology in place such as remarketing campaigns, find out about events that are happening such as the AFL grand final or for those in the USA, the super bowl, or another event that you know is important to your audience. Be prepared to monitor the buzz and react to it. If you have a calendar of events and holidays that your audience may be interested in, you can be ready.

Oh and those five p’s… proper preparation prevents poor performance.

Get the Technology

Figure out what technology you need in place to participate in real-time marketing. Remarketing technology, email marketing technology, pop-up ads, social media apps, and more all can work together to help you engage in real-time marketing on the fly. If you’re ready, within a few minutes you can change an old pop-up or pop-under into something that mentions the happenings of the day.

Email Marketing

This is one of the things I find most interesting as much of this can be automated, do you know with the right email marketing software you can send customized messages to your audience, follow up messages to those that open and don’t open your messages and then customized messages based on the links that are clicked. Couple this with some remarketing and the sky is the limit and well, it’s awesome to think of the possibilities as this technology is further developed.

Create the Material

Get your tools of the trade ready to take advantage of events. Use email marketing campaigns, blogging, events, tweeting, eBooks, PR, white papers, banner advertisements, apps, Google AdWords, social media listening, search engine optimization and more to be ready for the events in which you can capitalize on the current happenings to your audience which will help you boost your engagement and then sales.

Renewed Customer Service

One often overlooked way to practice real-time marketing is within customer service. Whether it’s answering a question on Facebook, Twitter, or within your ticketing system, you have a huge opportunity to engage users in a profitable way when it comes to customer service and real-time marketing. You can empower customer service (or yourself if it’s just you) to offer specialized deals to individuals as the issue arises. You can also use these examples as topics to discuss within your content marketing thus attracting new customers and remember, solving a customer’s problem is an opportunity to turn that customer into a fan that goes out and tells other just how good you are.

Content Ideas

This is one of my favorite pastimes, I love to review my social media channels to see what people are interested in, what the buzz is about the topics I write about and what my target audience seems to be interested in and actively participating in. With practice you can pick up trends, see questions being asked and often answered and you can use all of this information to come up with topic ideas for your content marketing and you could also perhaps develop a tripwire product to push out to maximize returns.

Chances are after reviewing the list above you’re already doing some real-time marketing without realizing it. But, if you do more

When you look at these examples it’s likely you already do some real-time marketing without realizing it. But, if you do more real-time marketing you’ll increase opportunities, generate more leads, get higher conversions, and ultimately make more sales and earn more money because you are on the cutting edge of truly understanding your audience at a level most businesses can only dream of doing.

Real Time Marketing Your Secret Weapon
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