Imagine this, you have a database of customers and you want to be able to use this list to find other new potential customers, sounds like a sales and marketing dream doesn’t it. Well, this is exactly what lookalike audiences are and you can locate them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even on AdSense. Each platform has its own name for them, but they are essentially the same thing, lookalike audiences. Each system matches your current customer list with those who are a lot like your current list but aren’t on your current list.

Upload the Email Addresses (or Twitter Handles)

You’ll need a lot of email addresses or handles to get things started. These can come from your email marketing lists, or by other means. But, once you’ve acquired them, you can ask the system your using to actually match your list to like audiences elsewhere on the network and you have to admit that’s a pretty cool feature.

Include Email Addresses of Unopened Email Messages

If you have people signed up for your email marketing messages that don’t open emails, this is a good use of their email addresses. You can market (or remarket) to them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram if you have the right information. This can jump-start their interaction with you and help turn otherwise uninterested prospects into sources of additional revenue.

Consider Segmenting

If you have enough people on your list, segment them into categories that will help you send targeted ads to them. For example, if you gathered the emails from your email list for Facebook ads, separate into openers and those who didn’t open the emails. If they’re scraped Twitter users, separate them into where you found them if possible. The secret is to niche down as much as you can, so that your messages are much more meaningful to each group.

Set up Your Advertisements

Ensure that you really give the advertisements some thought and by that I mean you sit down work out your advertisement, rework it, seek feedback, test if needed, etc.… until you have what you consider to be the best advertisement possible for your audience. You want each advertisement to speak directly to your audience and make them want what you’re offering. You want the ad to entice them to click through. Since you’re targeting people who are in your audience and are like your audience, it will be very effective.

Create a Link to Your Website

Don’t link to your home page as that is the worse page possible to link to; link to a very special landing page promoting what you want to promote. It might be a newsletter sign-up, a freebie give-away, or an actual product, but it needs to be a good sales page that speaks to and in the language of your audience.

Create an Upsell

One way to get more sales through these types of ads is to have at least one upsell after the customer buys something from you. It’s easy to set up, with just the thank you page for a purchase leading right to the upsell itself

Collect New Customer Information

When your ad works to capture a new customer, it’s a good idea to collect the email address to add to your list. That way you can have more people to match with on the network where you’re placing the advertisement. The more information you have, the better.

Using lookalike advertisement technology, no matter what each platform calls it, can help you get new customers and make a big impact with your ads. What’s more, they don’t cost that much since you only pay per click and this form of advertising is pretty well targeted. And, you can set your budget as low or high as you want to during the time of the campaign.

Reaching New Customers Using Lookalike Audiences
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