Are you a small business owner trying to make sales and becoming more and more frustrated. You know your products and services are awesome, far better than most of your competitors. But no matter what you try your audience members are not converting from browsers to customers or even subscribers. What is a small business owner wanting to make sales to do?

Know Your Niche

Research your existing audience as much as you are able to. By understanding your target audiences main problems, or pain points, you can offer the kinds of products and services (solutions) they need to ease these problems, rather than simply coming up with a product idea off the top of your head and then trying to find an audience for it.

You need to offer a real solution at the right price that represents genuine value to your target audience. Value isn’t just about price, in fact price is often way down the list of importance. It’s about something that makes their lives easier, or helps them become a “better version of themselves” who will be able to live a better life.

If you are selling a digital information product, for example, think back to when you were first starting out in your niche. What do you wish you had known then as a beginner that you know now, and might have learned the hard way? How did you progress from beginner to intermediate?

If you are selling a physical product, how will it enhance their life? Can they do things better, faster, cheaper, earn more money, save time, and so on?

Go Where Your Niche Spends Time

You can pre-qualify potential audience members by going where your niche spends time. This is like fishing in a river you already know is well stocked with lots of hungry fish. Then it is just a case of having the right bait to land as many as you are able. This is a much more efficient way to market than the “scattershot” approach, in which you spread the word widely and hope someone pays attention to your message.

Target Influencers

Influencer marketing means you focus your efforts on interacting with top people in your niche who are thought leaders and/or have a large following on various social networks.

Your first step is to follow them and interact like any other person, rather than a spammy marketer. Like, share and comment. Be sure everything you do is helpful and reflects well on your business. Show your expertise in a non-pushy way. Each contribution you make will be linked to your home page at the network, such as on Facebook. Make sure you have a full profile that will impress visitors, again supporting the impression that you are an expert in your niche who is worth paying attention to.

Form Joint Venture Partnerships (JVPs)

With basic JVPs, you can gain access to people who have already indicated they are interested in the niche. The simplest partnership is for them to mail your offer to their email list, and vice versa. You get to split the revenue, but more importantly, the pre-qualified people who subscribe or buy from you are yours to keep.

Segment Your Email Marketing List/s

When you are first starting out, you will have one main email list. However, over time, you should segment the list, which means, divide it into smaller lists that are more targeted and specific based on the information you know about the people within your lists. You can also divide it into customers who have purchased a certain product, to refine your marketing message in such a way that you won’t keep sending marketing material to them about Product A when they have already bought it… whereas you could offer Product B which actually complements and enhances Product A.

In this way, your messaging will be on point and of interest. You can also offer better customer service to those who have actually spent money with you, rather than those who are just prospects. Use your email marketing service’s automation features to help you segment.

Pre Qualifying Your Audience
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