Whenever you undertake to run a PPC campaign, selecting the right keywords is a crucial part of having a successful campaign. Over the years I have watched lots of businesses waste thousands of dollars using inappropriate keywords often turn what would otherwise be a successful campaign into one that loses money. It’s therefore important to understand what type of keywords you need to bid on and why.

Don’t Use Broad Match Keywords

Broad match keywords are set by default, and most people make the mistake of bidding on keywords using them. A broad match keyword means you want to bid on a keyword like “content marketing”, if someone searches for “content” it will assume “marketing” or if someone types in “marketing” it will assume “content.” It basically shows your PPC advertisement to as broad a range of phrases that have some relation to your chosen keyword phrase. This isn’t the way you want your searches to work, especially if you have a limited budget.

Use Exact Match Type Keywords

An exact match keyword is as the name suggests an exact match to the phrase you entered, using our example “content marketing” a user would have to type “content marketing” for our PPC campaign to serve an advertisement. Exact match keywords are what I would suggest most people new to PPC use, as I consider them to be the best because it makes you research the best keywords to you, as well as your audience so that you can select the best keywords that will work.

Choose Fewer Keywords per Campaign

Instead of bidding on every keyword or keyword phrase that you can think if, choose one, two or three phrases per campaign. By doing so, you are using one of the best methods to ensure that the right people find your products or services at the right time. It works on the principle that you do a lot of research to determine what these keywords are, and because your campaign is so focused and you’re using your budget on just these highly targeted phrases you will do lots better.

Find the Right Keywords

Use a keyword tool such as Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool, which is a good alternative to Google Keyword Planner. Once you’ve chosen your niche, you can start finding the best keywords to market your products. You want to find keywords that are low competition and in high demand. This means people are searching for them, and there isn’t a lot of supply which obviously increases the cost per click. These keywords will be your most lucrative yet less expensive, you just have to spend the time finding them.

External Links:
Google Keyword Planner – https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner
Keyword Tool – http://keywordtool.io/

Test Your Keywords

Try your keywords to see if they work, run a test campaign to see if your targeted audience clicks the ads, joins your email list or buys your product. If all those things don’t happen, then you should choose a different keyword. You want keywords to attract the right people at the right time and not competitors or people looking for a job vacancy.

Keywords are an essential element in your marketing efforts, and especially pay-per-click marketing. However, it’s also important you, remember that you are creating content and products for people. The people who are your target audience have desires, needs, hopes and dreams and problems that you need to solve. Never forget that.

Using the Right Keywords for your PPC Campaign
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