I know of lots of business owners that have tried and given up on pay per click (PPC) advertising mainly because they have tried to make it work and failed. I also know of many businesses using the services of an outside agency which is great if you find a good one that really understand their stuff but it’s a waste of money if you find a poor one.

Pay per click campaigns are however higher effective if they are well planned and executed and almost anyone can successfully implement them, and achieve success if they have realistic goals. Let’s have a look at a few PPC tactics that work well to improve your business when PPC is implemented.


Remarketing is not just for big businesses, small businesses can also remarket just as effectively. It works by signing up with an agency such as Remarketing.com, Google or even Facebook. They will provide you with the technology, which is generally a piece of code you insert into your website, this puts a cookie on the computer of the person that has visited your website, and who has not converted into a customer. Then, when the visitors goes to other websites within Google, Facebook or any of the other remarketing websites, they will see mention of your website. Consider this, someone comes to your website, they visit the contact us page (the page with the remarketing code) and then leave, only to visit Facebook later in the day. Whilst using Facebook they see your remarketing advertisement and think to themselves, that reminds me, I was going to contact them today. They click your advertisement and make contact. That is the promise remarketing offers, it targets people already interested in your company with advertising.

Build Your List

Instead of using PPC to try and sell actual products which at times can be hard, instead consider using PPC to build your list. You might offer something like an eBook, discount coupon or something else of perceived value in exchange for an email address. By building your list, you are putting yourself in a position where you can marketing all of your products and services to them over time, instead of trying to sell just one, straight away.

Local Targeting

It doesn’t matter if you have a national or international business, local targeting is a good thing to do. Write content that is focused on a particular location that has a high amount of your target audience within it.


When you plan your PPC campaign you want to set realistic goals, for each goal you will them want to segment your target audience down as small as you can and then create at least one advertisement for each. You can also use the tools available to target only certain people with the ads that you create, but you need to know who precisely these are.

Make Awesome Landing Pages

When you plan your PPC campaign you should create special landing and sales pages for each advertisement. This helps ensure that you target the people that you want to target, not just with the ad that they click, but on the page they land. Sending them to the front page of your website might help you generate visitors but chances are it isn’t helping you hit those goals.

Test Everything

It’s important to test everything in all forms of marketing however with PPC advertising it’s imperative. Even if you’ve loads of experience with PPC advertising you still need to test to see what works better. The easiest way to do this, is to try two different PPC ads targeted at the same audience with slight differences, one might have a different headline, or a different call to action. By doing this you can see which one works better, until you are happy with the results. You might also try the same ads on a different audience… the important take away here is to always test and measure.

Audience First

It’s all too easy to focus on the technology, the content and the keywords, but never forget that first and foremost you’re marketing to people, and people have emotions, thoughts, feelings and the ability to differentiate between a good and bad deal.

Numbers Count.

You need to monitor your numbers, even if you believe your campaign is working your numbers will tell you. At various stages during your PPC campaign, compare the results with your goals. If they are not lining up then you need to make adjustments to your campaign to try and put it back on track. Numbers tell you exactly what is what, never ever run a campaign without checking them as they might also indicate small tweaks that if made can make an under performing ad suddenly start to outperform others.

Every small business should nowadays be able to run a successful PPC campaign especially with all of the tools and help available on Google, as well as the social media giant Facebook. But, as with most things, before you start work out some realistic goals you think you can achieve and ensure you can perform from a business point of view if these are achieved. There is nothing worse from a marketing perspective to have a successful campaign running only to have the website fail, or to run out of stock of that product and not be able to fulfil orders. Set realistic goals, measure, change, be prepared, get ready, and go.

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