AdWords offers many different reporting capabilities that are of great help in ensuring that your PPC campaigns have the greatest return on investment. One such reports is the “dimensions” report, which offers insights into your audience such as demographics, paid versus organic search, which search terms are working, what time of day people are viewing your website, and much more.

Using the Dimensions tab in AdWords is rather easy to do, though often overlooked. You just click on the tab and then you can choose from a variety of different reports that provide the information mentioned above.


Where are your audience coming from? What country, state and if it’s concentrated in a certain location, why? If you can identify the why, of most things, you can repeat it.


Using labels might not have seemed important until now. If you use labels, you can get a good idea about how each different ad is working with this portion of the report.

Paid versus Organic Search

It’s always nice to know how much of your revenue is generated from paid search versus organic search to better understand your ROI for pay-per-click ads.

Search Terms

What search terms were used to find your website? Did they find you via paid search terms or organic search terms within your content?


When are your visitors most likely to click on your PPC advertisements?

Top Movers

Set up the report to cover a specific time frame. To give you an example, did you just do a concentrated PPC campaign on Facebook and you want to know what the effects were during the dates you were running it?


If you set up designation URLs, this is a great way to determine which URLs are getting the most traffic and which URLs are performing at a higher volume with the most ROI. Why are certain URLs performing better than others?

These tabs allow you to understand your reach, how many unique visitors you’re getting, and how often people come back. You can also figure out how often people are viewing your ads, and adjust the frequency if needed. In addition, you can even view by labels that you’ve assigned different information. Comparing labels will help you know what is working and what isn’t working.

The Dimensions tab and reports are simple to use and offer great insight into how your PPC campaigns are working. The insights that you can identify will enable you to take your PPC campaigns to the next level and make them work harder. As you study the information you can make changes on the fly to improve your AdWords campaign like never before.

How to Use the “Dimensions” Report in AdWords
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