Advertising on Facebook is in my opinion one of the best ways to get the word out about your company’s products and services. Facebook offers both a PPC and CPM advertisements. A PPC campaign is a pay-per-click campaign which means you only pay when people click on your advertisement, while a CPM or Cost per Mille (cost per thousand as mille is Latin for one thousand) which means that you pay a set amount for one thousand impressions or views. Both are great ways of running advertisements but we’ll focus on using CPM in this article as it’s often easier to get started and in many cases a little better.

Set Your Goals

If you ever want to achieve anything you have to start off by knowing what you want to achieve. Knowing why you’re running Facebook ads is important, do you want to build up your page likes, your email list or are you trying to sell an actual product or service? Whatever it is, you need to know what it is you hope to achieve.

Learn Facebook’s Power Editor

Facebook has developed a wonderful editor so that anyone can use it to create ads, you don’t need to use any outside sources to create your advertisements. Simply use the Power Editor. It allows you to manage many different variations of the same advertisement and is very useful. You do need to use the Chrome browser to use the Power Editor, but it’s simple to use and well worth swapping browsers to use it.

Link to Power Editor

Target Your Audience Carefully

When running any type of advertisement, the difference between success and failure is often down to understanding who exactly your audience is and what they want. Facebook allows you to target your audience down to the exact person you want to see the advertisements, it by far the most advanced form of targeting I have come across. This is a huge leap forward in marketing for any business and even though you’re a home business, you can compete with bigger businesses due to these features.

Segment Your Audience for Different Ads

The power editor allows you to duplicate ads, and then edit them to change the demographics. This serves a couple of purposes, it allows you to conduct A/B split tests to see who responds better to your advertisement, but you can also change the images, headlines, etc. to fit each segment of your audience, making it much more highly targeted and therefore more effective.

Use Custom Audiences

A custom audience allows you to reach people who have already been to your website but are now surfing on Facebook. This is often called remarketing or retargeting, and it is a very powerful way to market to targeted people, generally generating a high rate of return.

Use Facebook’s Optimized CPM

This is an amazing thing because it makes it easy for you to get views for your advertisement. CPM stands for cost per thousand impressions. Facebook’s algorithm knows what’s best in terms of this set-up, so let Facebook choose the settings for you. It will really work better in the long run and often saves you money.

Build a Responsive Website

As of April 21, 2015 Google is ranking responsive websites higher than those that are not responsive. A responsive website is one that works on all mobile devices as well as computers. With a responsive website you don’t need a separate one for mobile devices and one for computers, you just need one website that works regardless of the platform your audience uses.

Use the Best Possible Graphics

Never ever skimp on graphics, use the best you can afford and if you know where to look they don’t cost the earth. Alternatively you can do it yourself using tools like Canva. If you need help try using Fiverr to save a little money on finding someone to help make your ads. You can purchase stock photography that is good to use on Stockfresh or iStockphoto.



Hire a Sales Copywriter

Writing content is different from writing sales copy. Sales copywriting is a specialized skill and if you have any sort of budget you should let a copywriter take what you’ve done and improve it. If they start with something you’ve written and then fix it to work better, you’ll save a little money on the copywriter. And overall you’ll save a lot of money on running the advertisement because you’ll generate better results.

Running advertisements on Facebook is a great way to start your online advertising. Pay-per-click and CPM campaigns can be overwhelming, but Facebook has made it relatively pain free, and you can do without professional help.

Facebook Advertisements Best Practices
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