Creating a script for your podcast is important. However, when the word “script” is mentioned, a lot of people start getting nervous, don’t worry. By script, we don’t mean that you should sound like a robot and read every word without a mistake or any feeling. That would make for a very boring and robotic podcast. However, scripts help your podcast in numerous ways.

You’ll Sound More Focused

Not only will you sound more focused, you’ll also feel more focused as you go through your show if you have a guideline of the points you want to cover, during the times you want to cover them.

Create a Show Outline

Your script should start with a show outline. For example, what do you want to do with each 15-minute segment of your hour-long podcast? Perhaps you’ll have different topics for each of 15 minutes or guests. For example, let’s say your topic for tonight’s podcast is blogging. It might go like this:

1st segment: History of blogging
2nd Segment: Intro of guest
3rd Segment: Interview of guest
Last segment: Blogging technology

Develop the Script

You don’t have to write every word you’re going to say unless you’re worried you’ll forget who said a certain quote or a fact. Write those things down. Then just talk about the topic covering the points you wanted to cover during each segment.

Make It Conversational

You have no idea what your guests will say, or callers if you have them. Therefore, remember that people are listening to your podcast, not reading it. Try to complete your sentences and explain what you’re saying in a way that your audience will understand. Leave some leeway in interviews so that the guest can talk the most.

Build an Audience Connection

Your audience will likely only listen to each of your shows one time. Therefore, work hard to build a connection with your audience so that they want to come back and download your next podcast. Talk directly to the audience; don’t lecture them and don’t condescend to them.

Create All the Standard Elements

You’ll need a standard opening, an introduction, the meat of the show, and an ending as well as a standard outro. This is going to help you brand your podcast as well as keep an order that your audience will understand.

Make Listeners Feel Comfortable

You want to warm up your listeners and make them feel comfortable. Tell them who is talking, about what, and what’s next during each segment. Don’t just jump from segment to segment, but talk up each segment and repeat yourself about who is talking and what today’s topic is.

Don’t Make It Formal

No one talks very formally. We all tend to write formally even when we don’t talk formally, and that is almost always a mistake. You want the audience to like you and understand you. Write your scripts the way you talk.

Include a CTA

It’s important to always include a call to action to get your audience to take the next step. You may want them to sign up for a newsletter to get reminders about the show so they don’t miss any. You may also have an offer from a guest or an offer from you to your listeners.

Finally, remember to use the right software for the job. There are many types of editing software like that you can use to edit your podcast and make it sound professional if you’re pre-recording.

Podcast Scripting and Script Editing Success
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