Every so often it’s important to start planning new products, services and content for the future. The New Year is a perfect time to accomplish this. By now you have a good idea of what worked and did not work last year, and using that information you can move forward into the New Year with new products, services and content.

Understand Your Purpose

Before you start any type of planning, it’s important to take a look at your business mission statement so you can be reminded of your purpose. If you don’t have a mission statement, perhaps it’s time to create one. That way you can hang it on your wall and make it the center of your business.

Study Your Audience

While you already think you know your audience, it’s time to study them again. Audiences change. Well, the audience doesn’t change, but the individuals that make up the audience grow and change over time. A good example is to look at Dove commercials from the past, and then compare and contrast them to Dove commercials of today. Same audience demographic, but they have changed their opinions and ideals.

Know Your Industry

Keeping up to date on your industry is an imperative if you really want to create products, services and content that are based on facts. You can keep up to date with your industry by reading industry magazines, books, and going to events that surround your industry. Even just joining some LinkedIn groups will help you stay up to date so that you really know the industry you’re involved with.

Be Aware of the Trends

The combination of knowing your audience and understanding the industry will lead to your being aware of the current trends within. While not all trends turn out to be a good thing, using those trends as fodder for content will be very helpful for getting more traffic.

Analyze Where You Are Now

Take a look at your current products, services and content to see where you are. It’s important to look at what you have and decide what worked, what did not work, what you can throw out and what you can make better. Often you can take what you have now and make it new again by just tweaking it a little bit.

List Problems Your Audience Has

When you study your audience again, make a new list of their problems that fit within your niche so that you can develop solutions for them. The more pain points you can solve for your audience, the easier it will be to sell them your products.

Ensure Relevancy

As you list your audience’s problems, note that you need to ensure that their problems fit within your expertise and your niche. If not, toss that out and start over. You want all your products, services and content to be relevant to your audience within your niche.

Determine Your Marketing Plan

Once you have a good idea of the products and services you want to create for the New Year, it’s time to determine your marketing plan. The marketing plan will inform the content you need to create. You might want to guest blog, network, use webinars, or some other type of content to get more eyes on your new product.

Planning your upcoming content, products and/or services is an essential element to ensuring that you create success for your business in the upcoming year.

Planning Future Products, Services and Content
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