Have you ever had a job you hate? Dreaded going to work? It made getting up and being motivated an awful lot harder didn’t it? If you love what you do, and feel as if you’re contributing in some way to society, chances are you’re going to have much more satisfying life. If as a small business owner you can translate that feeling into providing those experiences for others, what could be better? You can focus on giving your customers interesting experiences that will ensure they become long term customers that rave about you to their friends.

Love Your Customer

That might sound a little weird but if you can love your customer, care about them, even hug them, and bring them into the fold in a way that makes them feel important, they will love you back. They’ll be more loyal, spend more time on your websites and blogs, and tell others about you too.

WOW Your Customer

Don’t just be “good enough.” Instead, boost their experience with your small business up to WOW them and leave them in no doubt you are the best. In other words, you want them to make their purchase, or download their freebie and think, “This is the best thing I have ever received.” You want them to be surprised about the value of what they have received. One way of doing this is by under promising and over delivering on experiences as well as the product. Is the checkout process smooth? Does the product look different from others? Is the product the best it can be?

Capture Their Emotions

When you know your target audience well, you can capitalize on the emotions they feel when they experience your products or services. Simply ask them within a good amount of time to tell you how they feel. You can ask for a written testimonial, an audio testimonial or a video testimonial. But as they say, strike while the iron is hot and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Understand Your Consumer Buying Cycle

The more you can know how your target audience makes their buying decisions and what pulls them through your sales funnel, the more you’ll be able to speak to them on their own terms, with their language and provide just the right experience at each place in the funnel for them to want to move forward.

Listen to Your Customers

The best way to provide the right experiences to your audience is to listen to them and I do mean really listen to them. Do they like webinars with multiple speakers, do they like teleseminar Q&A’s, do they want to meet in person at an event? Imagine what it will look like if you designed it based on exactly how your audience wants it and then deliver that experience?

Show a Commitment to Consistency

As you lead your tribe (audience) through your funnels, it’s important to be consistent about your brand and your intentions. Your tribe will learn what to expect from you and they will want to see that throughout your product line, this is the same whether it’s a free product you give away or one that your tribe purchases.

Complaints Are Your Best Opportunities

Customers that complain are your best customers because they care enough about you to want to help you improve. Remember that complaints are chances for you to give that customer an outstanding customer experience they won’t easily forget. You can turn someone who is dissatisfied into someone who is a raving fan who wants to sing your praises from the top of the trees if you focus on giving good experiences to the people.

Jump On In

Don’t be afraid to give everything you have to your customers in order to provide them good experiences. You can’t go wrong if you’ve listened to them and opened your heart to them in order to truly give your audience what they want and need and they in turn will reward you.

People love interesting experiences and if you can provide that to them, you’ll endear yourself to your customers in a way that cannot be matched easily by your competitors. Having a great product or service, plus paying attention to the experiences that your customer has, can make all the difference in the world and ensure your business grows and is as successful as it can be.

People Want Interesting Experiences
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