To Connect More Send a Special Snail Mail Gift

People who are used to doing things online love offline interaction too. There is a way to really get people’s attention, which is to send a special gift to your best customers, your best affiliates, someone who engages exceptionally well, or just because you feel like it. When you send something through the mail, people really do notice. Here are some ideas for you to use depending on your budget.

Low-Budget Marketing for Startups

One thing you don’t have to worry about when you have a low budget for your startup is being able to find effective ways to market your business. Today, there are many low-budget ways that really do work. Maybe having a low budget will mean that it takes you more time to reach the people you want to reach, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be successful. Get More Referrals

How to Create Highly Engaging Podcasts

Ensuring that you create an engaging podcast means ensuring that you create a successful podcast. If it’s not something interesting enough for you to listen to, then more than likely no one else will want to listen to it either. It may take some practice, but it’s not hard to have a podcast that your audience loves if you put these ideas into practice. Remember Your Audience If you don’t

Start a Niche Group to Build Stronger Online Relationships

Building stronger online relationships is something that every marketer wants to do. One of the ways to accomplish that is by building a niche group. Today there are so many ways to build a niche group that you can do it easily. It can happen on Facebook, through independent software like, or by building from scratch. But, regardless of how you do it, there are some best practices for

How to Build a Personal Brand

Building a personal brand means that you want people to know your name, who you are, what you stand for, and why, while also promoting a product, service, or information to that audience. You may be a life coach, an online business manager, or even sell a physical product or line of products – it doesn’t matter if you realize that you are the brand and stick to what you

Sales Hasn’t Really Changed

Do you want to sell more? Do you want to generate more leads? Do you want to retain your existing customers? Do you want to upsell easily? Etc… If you are like me, you’ve heard this time and time again. It seems that everyone nowadays is some form of marketing guru, just judging by the number of emails and messages you get, don’t you agree? Well I’m not someone that

The Importance of Search Engine Marketing Today

When you think about search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) from the perspective of the business owner (website owner), you can understand why it’s so important. Let’s think about what many small businesses do when they are first studying their problem. They do a Google search, or a YouTube search for information on their problem, using terms that they know for the issue. These are called search

Branding Your Business Online

Branding your business online isn’t much different from branding offline.  It isn’t hard to figure out that every business needs an online presence, nowadays – even if they’re an offline only business. It’s imperative to allow prospective customers to find you and you will need to keep your branding consistent throughout. Let’s look at some ways any business can brand itself online. Brand Your Signature When you send emails, everyone

Top Business Branding Tips for Today

The days when an owner of any business could be private and work behind the scenes are generally over. Everything you do in public and in private can now be used to either advance your brand or hurt or even destroy it. The main thing to remember is to be consistent in how you live your life and how anyone who represents your brand lives their life, so that it’s

How to Start a Profitable Blog

Making a good income as a blogger is possible. You may think that it’s all a pipe dream, but it’s not. There are many average people just like you (not that anyone is really average) who are earning a living blogging. They’re not just earning a living, either – they’re earning a real, dream-like income from their blog. Some bloggers are making a million dollars a year from their blogs,


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