It’s all too easy to start a video blog assuming that thousands of people are magically going to find you. Well they aren’t and all your hard work will be wasted, unless of course you promote your videos. And as we know SEO forms a worthwhile part of any online promotional campaign. Video search engine optimization is done is many ways, I’ll go through some of them here, but the premise is always that anything you can do to make it easier for your audience to find your videos you should.

Know your Audience

If you know your audience, you know who is going to want to see your videos. Understanding your audience also gives you an insight into what they are likely to search for you find videos such as yours, if not the specific keywords it will give you an understanding of their educational level and you can then tailor your keywords to those most likely to be used by your target audience.

When you save your video on your computer before you upload it, ensure you give name the video file that you are saving so that it makes sense as to what the content within the video is. When the video is shared over the Internet, this file name will be indexed.

Add a Keyword Rich Title

The title of your video that you use to identify it on the places that you share it, should also include your main keyword phrase, as this will help the search engines find you. Going back years it was also a good policy to include a text layer over the top of the actual video again with this keyword rich title, as Google can read and interpret the content on video.

Don’t Forget the Tags

I know a lot of people believe adding tags is a waste of time, however the ability to add tags is still built into YouTube and WordPress for a reason, so my advice is to use them, it can’t hurt you therefore it can only benefit you.

Give It a URL That Makes Sense

When setting up the URL structure of your video blog, try to ensure that the title is used within the URL. Provided that you use short attention grabbing titles with keywords within them, this will help with search engine optimization. Do not however abuse this.

Use the Right Link Text during Promotions

Wherever you are promoting your video, be it on your blog, website, LinkedIn profile or any other area that allows you to insert a link, use the best link text that you can, as this will prompt people to click on it, and it will aid SEO.

Share Your Videos on Video Sharing Sites

Websites like YouTube, and allow you to share all your videos. You should share them where appropriate and fitting and on every website were your audience is likely to be. Do not worry about duplicate content issues as they aren’t as important as getting eyeballs on your video and besides you can load a video on to YouTube and embed it onto your blog. Once again ensure you provide original and unique text descriptions for each place you put your video.

Link to Other Videos

When you create a new video blog post, if it is relevant in some what you can add a link to the video at the bottom of the post together with any other information your audience might find useful.

Ask People to Share It for You

If you want people to share your video, simply ask them and make is super easy for them. So ensure you have all of the popular social share buttons available so that all a visitor need do is click a button. You should also actively tweet your video to your audience as this will get shared and shared around if it proves popular.

Keep Comments Totally Open

I know that a lot of people close off comments as a way to avoid spam however the benefits of comments are tremendous. They allow your audience to share their opinions, generally well-intentioned but sometimes not, that’s just part of the journey. How you respond can make a huge different in how your audience perceive you, so never lost your temper or bit when an Internet troll comes along… play nicely as they say and you can reap the rewards of even negative feedback.

Repurpose Videos

This is what I love about video, a large video can be cut up into smaller bite size videos. A transcript of your video should be posted under your video and the audio can be turned into a podcast. You can even go so far as to create an eBook if appropriated based on the content of your video. Each of these combined gives you the maximum potential audience engagement and they all help with SEO as well.

Crafting your work of art, the video and publishing it is your first step. Ensuring that you take these few extra steps will help you reach a large audience. That audience will snowball and eventually you’ll have a larger fan base so that anything you put up gets many viewers almost automatically. But, you’ll need to do a little work to get to that place and that means you have to trust the system and keep doing it, until it delivers results. If you aren’t getting the results you haven’t created enough video blogs, it is as simple as that.

Optimizing Video Blogs
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