It’s important to truly understand what upselling means. If you’ve ever gone to the store to buy a computer, then leave with a more expensive model than the one that you went to buy, that’s an example of upselling. Usually, you don’t even realize it happened. There is no hard sell, just education about the options with one being a little more expensive but offering more value.

To be successful with upsells, you will need to offer them at just the right time for your ideal customer to be receptive to them.

Set Goals

The first thing you need to do is set upselling goals. All your audience is probably not going to purchase the upsell. But, having goals is a good start. You want to have the goal so that you can set into motion the right actions to reach your goals. You may need to adjust your pricing to reach your goals. A real upsell should only be slightly more expensive than the first product but should offer substantially more value.

Check Your Metrics

It’s important to study the data that you already have about your audience. What do they already buy? What questions do they ask most? What emails do they read? The more you learn about your audience, the more you’ll be able to figure out what they need and put it in front of them. That’s why the data is so important.

Communicate with and Listen to Your Customers

Don’t just talk at your customers. Talk with them. Listen to them. Listen in email; listen in Facebook groups; listen at events. The more you open yourself up to them and their ideas and needs, the easier it will be for you to develop the right products and services that they want. And the easier it then becomes to create upsells that work best for them.

Understand Your Customers’ Needs, Desires and Circumstances

The more you understand who your customers are, the easier it is to offer the right upsell at the right time. Study the people who have bought from you closely so that you can learn what makes them tick, the words that make them respond, and the value of products that they want to spend money on.

Set Up Proper Upsell Triggers

You can expand current customer longevity, sell upgraded versions, or suggest add-ons that make the original purchase even more effective. The upsell should be a win-win for them, without degrading the experience of the first product.

Learn When Your Customer Is Ready for an Upsell

When you study your audience and test different tactics, you’ll start learning when they’re ready for an upsell. It may not be at the time of purchase; it may not be right after purchase. Maybe it’s before they choose the product via a benefits analysis and comparison of the product you offer. But you won’t know what works best until you test different scenarios.

Demonstrate the Benefits of the Upsell

One way to show your audience that they need the upsell is to outline the benefits. A way to do that is to show a side-by-side comparison of each of the features and how they benefit the buyer. This is a common approach of software companies and they even highlight the best choice, which is the upsell. Learn from that to help you demonstrate the benefits of the upsell.

Ask for the Upsell When It’s Right

Learn the exact time your audience responds best to upsells. Try out a few different tactics to see what works best for them. In most cases, offering the upsell during the buying process is best in the form of different choices that highlight the benefits of each choice. But, if your product is especially expensive, they may want to try the limited but less expensive version first.

The right upsell at the right time will be answered at a much higher rate than if you are too aggressive, act too late, or act too soon. The answer is to learn who your audience is, learn who your customer is, and react and act in the way they most desire and respond to.

Offer the Right Upsell at the Right Time
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