Online connections are very important to any online business. How you treat your connections will play an important part in how well your business runs in the long term. People talk about you behind your back and you want what they say to be flattering. These nine ways to improve your online connections will help tremendously.

1. Have Live Facebook Events

The hottest way to improve your online connections today is to do live events for your audience. The great thing about live events on Facebook is you don’t need anything special to get started. If you have a smartphone or a computer, you can do it without anything extra on both Chrome and Firefox browsers. Your audience will appreciate hearing from you in this way.

2. Send Them Interesting Content to View

Continue creating amazing content for all your online locations. Ensure that it all leads back to your website and moves them to your email list. Getting people on your email list should be your number one goal. That way you can communicate with them anytime you want to.

3. Follow Your Competition

Go ahead and connect with your competition so that you can observe how they communicate with their connections. This can help you learn a great way to do it, or it might help you learn the way not to do it.

4. Give Them Freebies of Value

Don’t save freebies only for people who haven’t connected with you yet. Instead, give freebies to everyone (including customers) on occasion, because it will help you a lot with other people’s perception of you and your business.

5. Be a Resource

Even if you find out that you’re connected with someone who is not in your audience, rather than running them off, be a resource to them and point them in the right direction. This is going to make you stand out to them enough that when they run into someone who is right for you, they’ll say good things about you.

6. Know Your Why

When you communicate with your connections, it’s important that you understand why you’re doing it. Why are you here? Why did you start your business? It can help to look at your vision statement to guide you through any issues.

7. Be Authentic

You can only keep up a lie for so long. It doesn’t matter if you’re lying to yourself or your connections; it’s going to show. It’s going to show because it’s very hard to maintain authenticity over time if you’re not being honest.

8. Engage

Don’t just communicate on a group basis. Also respond to individual posts, comments, questions, and concerns. This will help you appear more human. You know you’re human, but remember people who don’t know you yet still need to realize this. Engagement is a great way to do that.

9. Relate to Your Connections

Another way to get closer to your connections is to show them how you relate to them. Share your personal stories, share the story of your struggle, and share the truth of why you’re here.

Connecting to your audience is part of being online. It’s part of your online presence. It might even be part of the permanent record you heard about growing up, since nothing online ever really goes away. Be on your best behavior online, but also be who you are and speak to your audience in the way that they understand – without focusing on the rest of the world.

Nine Ways to Improve Your Online Connections
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